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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2002 Week 4 Hansard (11 April) . . Page.. 1051 ..

Mrs Dunne: And that stuns you, doesn't it?

MR QUINLAN: Only the schizophrenic stance, Mrs Dunne, of a member of the Liberal Party-the party that wanted to sell all of Actew, sold half of it and forfeited virtually all control over it-now bleeding for sustainable energy. Yes, I am stunned-stunned at the massive contradiction involved therein.

At the end of the day, I am not going to die in a ditch over any of this because, if you produce stuff out of your committee at the soft end and it is idealistic and stunning but totally useless, it will be over to you. I was trying, through my proposed amendment, to get some material out of it that I could take to the national energy market. I am on the council for the national energy market and I am also on the energy ministers ministerial council and we do discuss matters like this one.

If the committee comes up with some findings here, I am sure that, as the minister for energy or representing that sector, I will be directed or something to take it to the council. That can be done at the ministerial council in two ways, quite frankly. I can say, "G'day, ladies and gentlemen. I've got this lot, but you will have to remember that I am from a minority government"-some of the others are from minority government as well-and they will go, "Hi, Quinlan. Got it, saw it," and put it away, or we could come up with some strategies that might be transportable across Australia for encouraging the use of sustainable energy. That would be a stunning outcome. I would be very happy with that.

I will leave it at that. I do not intend to move any amendment to the terms of reference because I know that the numbers are not there. All I can say is: enjoy your committee.

Mr Quinlan's amendment agreed to.

Ms Dundas' amendments, as amended, agreed to.

Motion, as amended, agreed to.

Duties Amendment Bill 2002

Debate resumed from 7 March 2002, on motion by Mr Quinlan:

That this bill be agreed to in principle.

MR HUMPHRIES (Leader of the Opposition) (5.28): The Liberal Party will be supporting the amendment to the Duties Act. The amendment is straightforward. It corrects an omission that occurred in the drafting of the Duties Act 1999, with respect to the payment of stamp duty on reinsurance. The argument is that, where a person pays stamp duty on a contract of insurance and that contract is then subject to a contract of reinsurance, it would be improper or inappropriate to have stamp duty imposed on that second contract of reinsurance for basically the same insured risk. The bill before the house effectively clears up that mistake by ensuring that the payment of duty occurs only once on any one insured risk. As such, the matter is merely mechanical and has the support of the opposition.

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