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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2002 Week 4 Hansard (11 April) . . Page.. 1047 ..

MR CORBELL (continuing):

As you can see, our schools are working together with the community and government to recognise the achievements of young people. Achievement should be measured not only through academic activities or the winning of awards but also by the development of resilience and strength of character.

I will be continuing to work to make sure that the government supports all young people and encourages them to reach their full potential. The directions I will be announcing tomorrow in my statement will provide a comprehensive strategy that will go part of the way towards achieving this goal. Announcing this blueprint is a way forward for youth affairs in the ACT, and I look forward to our continuing discussion on the role and contribution of young people in Canberra.

MR SPEAKER: The discussion has concluded.

Planning and Environment-Standing Committee

Proposed reference

Debate resumed.

MS DUNDAS (5.08): I seek leave to move three amendments together.

Leave granted.

MS DUNDAS: I move:

(1) Paragraph 1, omit all words after "with particular reference to" and substitute the following "the feasibility of options for increasing the proportion of renewable energy consumed in the ACT using existing or emerging technologies such as solar, wind, mini-hydro, biomass and geothermal, from facilities with the ACT region.".

(2) Paragraph 2, section (1) omit the word "all".

(3) After paragraph 2, add new section (3):

(3) any other strategies to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels in the ACT.

There has been a lot of discussion by members outside this chamber about this proposal for a committee inquiry. I hope that these amendments pick up most of the main points of concern. The purpose of this inquiry, as Mrs Dunne said in her opening speech, is to investigate and report on options for a renewable energy strategy for the ACT. I am happy to add the Democrats' support to the call for this inquiry as we have a long history of promoting renewable energy sources. I have moved the amendments to ensure that the inquiry has the scope to look at both the supply side and the demand side of the energy debate. I hope that the amendments address the concerns expressed by other members.

Electricity accounts for the majority of the ACT's greenhouse gas emissions and so is a crucial area for reform if we are to achieve a serious reduction in emissions. Looking at ways of generating energy using cleaner technologies is an important part of this process. Another area that should not be overlooked is the benefits of energy management and better ways of using energy more effectively by implementing strategies that improve the efficiency of electricity use. The benefits of using efficient technology are more than just the positive effects for the environment.

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