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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2002 Week 3 Hansard (7 March) . . Page.. 706 ..

MR CORBELL (continuing):

and about delivering outcomes that meet the broad goals of this city economically, socially and environmentally. They do not understand that. Three or four weeks ago they all got together at a little meeting and talked about where they went wrong in the election.

Mr Stefaniak: I take a point of order, Mr Speaker. That is irrelevant. Get the man to answer the question, for goodness sake.

MR SPEAKER: I thought it was relevant to the question. You asked Mr Corbell a fairly complex question, and I think that he is giving you a fairly detailed answer.

Mr Stefaniak: But it had nothing to do with the Liberal Party's planning meeting, Mr Speaker. He is starting to stray. Maybe you will drag him back.

MR CORBELL: They got together, Mr Speaker, and asked themselves where they went wrong during the election, and said that they got planning wrong. How did you get planning wrong? You got planning wrong because you did not listen to the community, you did not deliver certainty, you had no strategic vision for the city, you did not do resource planning properly and you allowed ad hoc, piecemeal redevelopment to threaten the garden city characteristics of our suburbs. Unfortunately, from Mr Stefaniak's question, it sounds like they have not learned a thing.

MR STEFANIAK: I have a supplementary question, Mr Speaker. I will also quote the president of the Property Council of Australia, Mr Noel McCann, who was quite apt to criticise the previous government if he did not think that it got it right. He said-

MR SPEAKER: Mr Stefaniak, a little while ago, Mr Humphries asked me to consider the use of a preamble by a Labor Party member who had asked a question. It would be nice if you were to observe the same rules and we had a standard approach.

MR STEFANIAK: I am about to quote him. Here I go. He said-

MR SPEAKER: No, that is giving a preamble in any sense of the word. If you want to ask a question, do so; otherwise you should sit down. If you do not go straight to the question, I will sit you down.

MR STEFANIAK: He said, "The approval system was already between six and 12 months-

MR SPEAKER: You are not listening to me. Resume your seat.

Mr Stefaniak: I am asking a question, Mr Speaker.

Mr Corbell: You are giving a preamble.

Mr Stefaniak: I am quoting a statement in my question.

MR SPEAKER: I heard you, Mr Stefaniak. Resume your seat.

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