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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2001 Week 9 Hansard (22 August) . . Page.. 3200 ..

Mr Berry: I think that is an issue of order, Mr Speaker. If he wants to move a motion, he is quite entitled to do so under the standing orders, but I think there is a question of order about making those sorts of imputations. There is no conflict of interest, because this Assembly has not decided so.

MR HUMPHRIES: Mr Speaker, it is a simple statement of fact, as you yourself said earlier today. It is a statement of fact. You do get large amounts of money.

The claim from ClubsACT is patently nonsense. We know from their own figures that they obtain less than $100,000 a year in total across the entire territory from poker machines during those hours. Mr Berry quotes the figure that 40 to 50 staff will be lost. Let us take the conservative figure of 40. Forty staff positions, based on revenue of $100,000, would mean that they are paying those staff $2,500 a year. I think we have a scandal on our hands here. Staff in the ACT are working for a whole year and being paid $2,500. It is patently nonsense.

Mr Hargreaves: You are fiddling the figures again.

MR HUMPHRIES: No, I am not fiddling the figures. These figures come from the Gambling and Racing Commission, and they are based on the figures the clubs themselves have supplied. If you do not believe me, Mr Hargreaves, come and have a read of them. I know that you have sat across there on your side and have not bothered to come and have a look at these figures, but they come from our commission, the commission we set up, which consists of honest and decent men and women who have-

Mr Hargreaves: They come from your commission, the commission you set up, and you expect me to believe them?

MR HUMPHRIES: I know you have a conflict of interest, but try to contain yourself, Mr Hargreaves.

Mr Hargreaves: Mr Speaker, I want that imputation withdrawn, please. The Chief Minister says I have a conflict of interest. If he wants to accuse me of that, he can put a motion forward.

MR SPEAKER: I have had quite enough of this. Mr Humphries, you may deal with that matter and withdraw. At the next interjection I will warn the member concerned, and then I shall name him.

MR HUMPHRIES: Mr Speaker, our commission has supplied us with figures which clearly indicate that there is a-

Mr Hargreaves: Where is the withdrawal?

MR HUMPHRIES: I am not giving you one.

Mr Berry: Mr Speaker, he has already withdrawn it once. He has made the imputation again. He ought to withdraw it.

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