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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2001 Week 9 Hansard (21 August) . . Page.. 3068 ..

MR BERRY (continuing):

An injecting room would assist many people. I do not think it would stop all the unfortunate deaths that occur from heroin overdoses in the community but it would assist in the rehabilitation process and quality of life issues, and it would save some lives, which would be of significant benefit to the territory. For those reasons, I think we have to move forward on this issue.

I think the ACT has missed the boat to a certain degree. There are other things going on in other places that we will have to look at before we make up our minds. Because evidence may be received at some future time, you cannot put in place a referendum process-and Mr Stanhope has said this-that commits you to a certain outcome forever.

For those reasons, I am happy to rise in this chamber and oppose the referendum. I have indicated my commitment to Labor policy and I repeat that we need to do something about the continuing curse of heroin out there in the community.

MR OSBORNE (4.37): Obviously this bill is not going to get up. I have calmed down over lunch, so I will not respond to some of the things that were said by other members in this place, Mr Kaine included. What was said can go through to the keeper. On second thoughts, I will say something about what Mr Kaine said. He said I was a very moral man and then bagged me for the next minute, and I see that he is chuckling about that.

Mr Deputy Speaker, obviously the legislation was not put up by me. However, I did think that there was some merit in taking this issue to the people so as to seek the community view and option. I was quite happy to take a serious issue like this to the community so that we as an Assembly could vote on the community option. I was intrigued by Ms Tucker's indignation at that suggestion and her outright refusal to accept that the community should have a say. She attacked Mr Humphries. Yet I believe that next week we are going to be forced to vote on the community option on the Gungahlin Driveway. I understand that Ms Tucker made some-

Mr Moore: It's part of the community, not the full community.

MR OSBORNE: That is right. Ms Tucker also made-

Mr Rugendyke: Only when it suits her.

MR OSBORNE: "Only when it suits her," Mr Rugendyke interjects. That is worthy of inclusion in Hansard, so I will take that interjection. Ms Tucker also made reference to the Catholic bishops. I always find it intriguing how non-Christians seem to be the experts on how Christians should live. It always intrigues me that members of this place-Mr Moore is chuckling over there-

Mr Moore: I have studied Christianity.

MR OSBORNE: The only problem with Mr Moore is that he always rolls out the same old bits of scripture. He only knows a couple.

Mr Deputy Speaker, I will not argue the pros and cons of the different issues. We have all done that at various times over the last six years. However, I am disappointed that this issue will not be taken up in a referendum.

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