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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2001 Week 7 Hansard (20 June) . . Page.. 2176 ..

MR BERRY (continuing):

In fact, an authority to own less than 50 per cent, Mr Speaker. Yesterday Mr Humphries said in this place:

I repeat, for Mr Berry's benefit, what he already knows, which is that Totalcare's ownership of the Williamsdale quarry is 50 per cent. I have indicated very clearly I see no reason why that would change at any stage in the future.

Mr Speaker, section 17 of the Territory Owned Corporations Act allows voting shareholders of territory owned corporations to direct companies in certain ways. I will paraphrase this. You might get a little bit cross with me if I read it all. It says the voting shareholders of a territory owned corporation or a subsidiary requested to perform, cease to perform or refrain from performing an activity or to perform an activity in a manner that is different from the manner in which the directors intend to perform the activity, and so on. There is a full range to the direction. The voting shareholders may by written direction require the company to comply with that request.

Mr Humphries, my request to you is will you now direct Totalcare to refrain from any discussions about the further sale of Williamsdale quarry and prohibit them from doing so?

MR HUMPHRIES: Mr Speaker, Mr Berry again raises an issue in a completely dishonest way with the deliberate intention-

Mr Berry: I take a point of order, Mr Speaker. I think this-

MR SPEAKER: Very well. You do not like the word "dishonest".

Mr Berry: No, I don't like the imputation. I think there is a place for the word dishonesty, but not with me, and I would like it withdrawn.

MR SPEAKER: Very well. I am sure Mr Humphries would be happy to withdraw it, although I must admit, Mr Berry, that the question appeared to be: "Have you stopped beating your wife?" But go on. Would you withdraw it, please?

MR HUMPHRIES: I will withdraw if that offended Mr Berry. I will say that the impression Mr Berry is creating with these comments, both here and-

Mr Berry: Well, will you issue the direction?

MR HUMPHRIES: You asked a question. I suggest you listen, Mr Berry. The comments are both inaccurate and designed to be misleading in the public eye. What Mr Berry is doing is running around saying, in effect, that the government is planning to sell some part of the Williamsdale quarry. The government already has addressed the question of whether there is any intention of selling Williamsdale quarry. There is none. I have made that perfectly clear.

Mr Berry: Will you issue the direction?

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