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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2001 Week 6 Hansard (15 June) . . Page.. 1831 ..

MR RUGENDYKE (11.32): On the surface, it would appear that this motion is an easy one to support, based on the information given that there were negotiation processes under way in some form and that some people may be disadvantaged if this motion were not to succeed. Quite frankly, the Chief Minister has given a speech that has asked more questions than it has answered. I have no particular view on whether collective bargaining is a good thing or whether the Reith Workplace Relations Act is a good thing. I do not know, quite frankly. It is not my area of expertise, I will admit that. I do like having the ability to negotiate conditions with my own staff. I do like having the ability to be responsible for the conditions under which my staff operate.

It has not yet been explained to me in this debate either that that is a bad thing or that that will be affected by my support for this disallowance motion. It is also quite clear that there is confusion as to whether there is some sort of negotiation process in place, presumably, in the Industrial Relations Commission. The impression I was given is that there is something in train; I still do not know. I recall that at some point during the time that this debate has been around there was some sort of dispute over an ambit claim that some union advocates put in. I cannot remember the detail of it, but it was totally outrageous. It was silly; it was bizarre; it would have meant that my staff always would be on holidays. That is one thing I remember about this debate.

Mr Berry claims that he has been misquoted in this debate. I would like to hear how. It is all right for Mr Berry to misquote me, but it is not all right for Mr Berry to be misquoted.

Mr Berry: I haven't said anything about you.

Mr Moore: Today.


Mr Berry: Oh, in another area.

MR RUGENDYKE: In another area. You misquote me when it suits you, but you do not like to be misquoted yourself. I look forward to listening to the rest of this debate. All bets are off. My initial support for this motion was based on the premise, as I said, that there were some people who would be disadvantaged and that there was some sort of negotiation going on.

Mr Berry: There is.

MR RUGENDYKE: I was not told that I would not be able to negotiate the conditions under which my staff work. We have not heard about that. Mr Speaker, I look forward to the rest of the debate to be convinced as to why I should support the motion.


(11.37): I am happy to attempt to clarify or to deal with some of the confusion that exists in some members' minds, notably those who are arguing against this disallowance motion today. Mr Speaker, there is a dispute before the commission. Why has it not been progressed? It has not been progressed because we are dealing with this motion today. That is why; it is that simple. If this motion is unsuccessful

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