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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2001 Week 5 Hansard (1 May) . . Page.. 1294 ..

MR MOORE (continuing):

Some administrative changes were made and I think they will give far better health promotion outcomes for the people of the Australian Capital Territory. Mr Humphries will be announcing an increase in funding for health promotion this afternoon in the budget. What we do know, and it is fundamental to normal health promotion processes, is that where you can get people working together with networks you get a much better outcome. So we are very keen to see healthy cities working very closely with Healthpact on health promotion issues. The fundamental issue is that the Healthpact board was established under the Health Promotion Act. It remains governed by that act and will deliver its services according to that. What we see are some administrative improvements to get better health outcomes.

Burnie Court

MS TUCKER: My question is also to Mr Moore as the minister for housing. In regard to your announcement today that you have taken the next step towards redeveloping the Burnie Court public housing complex, can you clarify whether the government's intention is still to purchase individual units within private blocks so that the site will be pepper-salted with private and public housing as promised by staff at ACT Housing over the past year and in previous commitments by you? Can you also tell us whether or not there will be a mix of housing for different age groups within that complex?

MR MOORE: Thank you, Ms Tucker, for the short warning that you were going to ask a question to that effect. I brought down with me the master plans that have been prepared and put into the department. I think you will be able to read from there-

MR SPEAKER: Be careful.

MR MOORE: I will make these available to members if they would like to have a look at those.

MR SPEAKER: Yes, you will.

MR MOORE: Mr Speaker, for your sake, if Hansard want a coloured version of these, I would be happy to table them and see how they would print. I am just letting members know that they are available and I will make them available to them. The development plans have gone in to PALM, who will now consider them. ACT Housing did that last night or some time yesterday. We still intend, through Housing, to make sure that there is purchase of public housing within this framework.

One original intention was to demand of the developer that public housing be built in amongst the other housing. My thinking at the moment, although we have not come to a final conclusion, is that it is more effective to allow them to build it and to use the money that we gain from selling them to spot purchase. In that way they will not be built to a lower standard than the houses around them. I think that may be a more effective way. When I say spot purchase, that means purchasing from the plans. I will be interested in members' views on that.

Mr Wood: How many?

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