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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2001 Week 4 Hansard (27 March) . . Page.. 895 ..

MR MOORE (continuing):

"that Member may be named by the Speaker",


"that Member may be-

(i) ordered by the Speaker to withdraw from the chamber for one hour, or

(ii) named by the Speaker.".


New order 202A

After Order 202, insert the following new Order:

"Member ordered to withdraw

202A. If a Member fails to leave the chamber immediately when ordered to withdraw from the chamber under Standing Order 202, or returns to the chamber contrary to such an order, the Speaker shall forthwith name the Member.

Notwithstanding an order to withdraw from the chamber under standing order 202, the Member may return for the duration of any vote, commencing with the declaration by the Speaker that a division is required, but shall withdraw immediately after the result of the vote is announced.".


Order 203

Proceedings following naming

Omit the words:

"The Speaker shall forthwith put the question, on motion being moved",


"When a Member is named by the Speaker, the Speaker shall forthwith put the question".

Mr Speaker, it is my prerogative to do that at a time of my choosing. I thank the Clerk for drawing my attention to the situation in New Zealand, which has a multi-party parliament with the balance of power clearly in the hands of the crossbenchers. The sin bin power there has with it the restriction that it does not interfere with a member's right to vote. I think that is a very fundamental and important issue. It is something that I was wrestling with and, I know from discussions with them, other members were wrestling with.

Mr Speaker, I would like to clarify something that I told the Chief Minister and he repeated in the chamber; it is a good time to do so. He said that we had actually circulated the motion to all members. As I understand it, my office would circulate it to the appropriate person in the Labor Party. We would expect it then to be further circulated. If that is not working, I will quite happily make sure in the future that it is more broadly circulated. I did raise the matter last Wednesday at the meeting on government business, which was appropriate. It was circulated on Thursday and the final draft was circulated yesterday. If the Labor Party prefers me to circulate things to each member, I will be happy to do that, rather than doing it through the manager of opposition business.

Mr Stanhope: I think it is an insult, but I am not sure.

MR MOORE: No, I was trying to be helpful, Mr Stanhope.

Mr Stanhope: I thought you were trying to insult us.

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