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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1999 Week 11 Hansard (21 October) . . Page.. 3434 ..

MS TUCKER: I think every member has a responsibility to explain their vote when it is a matter that is so contentious and is obviously of interest to the broader ACT community. This debate gives Mr Rugendyke an opportunity to speak on this matter. People in the community would appreciate having the benefit of understanding what his views are and why he is continuing to support what many of us in the community and this Assembly see as an undemocratic process and a matter of grave concern, for that reason, if no other.

In conclusion, I remain firm about my concerns about the nature of this legislation. I am very concerned to hear you say, Mr Speaker, that you will just vote no, no matter what the argument is. I cannot understand how that is a good argument for the ACT community. Just to say, "I will vote no", no matter what argument is put up, to me, is nonsensical. To abstain would be a different matter. That would be to say, "I abstain because I think there should be a referendum". As I remember it, that is what you said. There would some logic in that. But to say you will vote no does not make sense to me. That is another issue that I am concerned to hear raised today. Once again, I think the ACT community deserves better.

MR OSBORNE (11.46): Ms Tucker should worry about herself on this issue and not be overly concerned what the view of other members in this place is. It is quite clear that anyone who does not agree with Ms Tucker on this issue is a narrow-minded bigot.

Ms Tucker: I did not say that.

MR OSBORNE: You used that term in the first debate. I suggest that Ms Tucker just worry about herself on this issue. I am sure that over the last 12 months all members have been to different places and given this a lot of thought. I do not think anyone in this place has shirked their responsibility. I find it quite annoying that those who have views different to mine and views different to those of the majority of people in this place stand up and throw cheap shots.

I know that Mr Rugendyke has given this a lot of thought. He spoke on it when the legislation was debated last year. I think he said at the time he had no problem with pictures, and he has said that since. But it is really none of your business, Ms Tucker, whether anyone speaks on this issue today. Just worry about yourself.

Ms Tucker: I will tell the ACT community it is none of their business.

MR OSBORNE: Ms Tucker uses the word "community" all the time. Who is the community? You? The people who speak to you - that is your community. The community, to Ms Tucker, are the people she is concerned about.

The last 12 months have not been easy for me. I hope that this is the final time that we debate this matter. I have had time in the last few months to reflect on some of the things that have gone on in relation to this issue. Obviously, I am pleased that we are able to achieve something. The thing that has disappointed me about this whole issue has been the personal attacks, not only on me but on other members here who happen to believe in something.

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