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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1999 Week 11 Hansard (21 October) . . Page.. 3429 ..

MR KAINE (continuing):

I do object to being referred to as somebody with a narrow moral view, which I do not believe is correct, and to being linked with extremists, which I am not. Of all of the people who have approached me on this matter over recent months, I would not put any of them in the category of being extremists. They are people with a very thoughtful, logical approach to the subject. I do not regard them as being extreme in any sense.

Mr Berry has put me in a bit of a quandary. I would like to consider carefully what he is proposing that we do. I do not have in front of me the information that allows me to give it the consideration which I am sure he would like me to give it. Perhaps you would be interested in seeking to have the debate adjourned so that we can all inform ourselves fully on the detail of what he is proposing. I repeat that if he does not wish to do that then I will certainly vote no when the time comes.

Mr Berry: I am happy for Mr Kaine to move to adjourn the debate.

MR SPEAKER: Just a moment. We might be able to resolve this.

Mr Humphries: I just make the observation, Mr Speaker, that Subordinate Law No. 23 was tabled last Thursday in the Assembly. Mr Berry gave notice of his motion on Thursday, and it has been on the notice papers for Tuesday and Wednesday. I am comfortable to debate it. I know what the issues are and I do not wish to adjourn the debate. I do not particularly mind, but I propose to give a speech on the subject, if I may, Mr Speaker.

Mr Berry: I am not going to twist Mr Kaine's arm up his back. If he wants more time, I am happy for him to have it.

Mr Kaine: I am happy for the debate to continue, but I just made my position clear.

MR SPEAKER: Can I have a motion then from somebody, please?

MR HUMPHRIES (Treasurer, Attorney-General and Minister for Justice and Community Safety) (11.26): Mr Speaker, I wish to speak on this matter. I do not wish to speak for very long, because I do not think members need to repeat at length what they said less than two months ago on this very subject. On 2 September we had an extensive debate about these issues. I heard Mr Berry speak in the debate. I have heard nothing new from Mr Berry from the previous time this issue was debated. I do not think members need to hear me repeat my arguments any more than they need to have heard Mr Berry repeat his arguments or need to hear any other member repeat the things they said on the earlier occasion.

Subordinate Law No. 15 was debated extensively in the last session of the Assembly. It has been dealt with, and I think Mr Berry should accept the result. It is his prerogative to use standing orders by slightly modifying his motion each time and bringing forward a fresh consideration of the issue, but I hope members will tire of that process very quickly and refuse him the capacity to do so.

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