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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1999 Week 8 Hansard (26 August) . . Page.. 2535 ..

MR HUMPHRIES: No, not discounted. It has not been discounted. They have paid full market value except that the price has been reduced by the extent of their physical doing of work in respect of the McKellar shops.

Ms Tucker: So it is not with added community benefit.

MR HUMPHRIES: No, Mr Deputy Speaker, it has not been discounted. In a real sense it has not been discounted because Tokich Homes Pty Ltd is still going to part with a sum of money equal to the estimated value of that land according to the Australian Valuation Office.

Ms Tucker: Except you said that that was the community benefit yesterday, that they were offering. What is the community benefit?

MR HUMPHRIES: Ms Tucker takes exception to the fact that I have told the Assembly two different things. I have made clear to the Assembly that I did mislead the Assembly inadvertently on Tuesday and I have come back and corrected what I said yesterday. If Ms Tucker wants to flog me for that, that is fine, but my conscience is clear. I have made clear to the Assembly what was in error in my comments on Tuesday. I was surprised to discover that what I said on Tuesday was inaccurate. It reflects a misunderstanding on my part about what was going on with that matter, and that is why I have asked for the situation with respect to what constitutes an innovation or community benefit to be reviewed. Mr Deputy Speaker, that is the indication that I put to the Assembly.

As for the pressure on Ms Lenihan that Ms Tucker has referred to today, I have not heard about that before. I do not know what she is inferring. She did make reference to "making application on a fraudulent basis", I think.

Ms Tucker: She sent a fax to everyone a while ago.

MR HUMPHRIES: Well, I have not seen it. If she has sent it to me I have not seen it. So, Mr Deputy Speaker, I am not aware of that. If there is a matter there that Ms Tucker is concerned about, I would be grateful if she would refer it to me. I am happy to raise it with my department; if necessary, even to ask the police to investigate the matter if she believes that there is some kind of illegal behaviour involved. I have no hesitation in saying that that is what I am prepared to do. If there is a disagreement between Ms Lenihan and the Tokich brothers about the matter and they are exchanging heated phone calls, I am not sure that is a matter I need to get involved in.

Ms Tucker: No, except that yesterday you said everyone was happy. That is why I raised that today. Yesterday you said everyone was happy with what was happening. So, once again I am challenging what you have said.

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