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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1999 Week 8 Hansard (26 August) . . Page.. 2498 ..

MS CARNELL (continuing):

Minister hands-on in tender process. Corruption, fraud. Shock, horror!". The fact is that I have not seen the Lend Lease tender document, nor should I have. What I do know, though, is that after the - - -

Mr Berry: Mr Speaker, I take point of order. I remain confused. Is this an answer or a point of order?

MR SPEAKER: I told you once it was an answer. I will now tell you a second time. I will not tell you a third time.

MS CARNELL: Mr Speaker, with regard to the Lend Lease contract, one thing I do know is that after the Assembly passed a motion asking us to table all of the relevant documents with regard to the Bruce Stadium development I undertook in this place to write to all the people involved asking whether they minded their tender documents or their contracts being released. It is my understanding that Lend Lease indicated that they were unhappy about their losing tender document being released.

Again, to show just how fundamentally Mr Stanhope and obviously Mr Quinlan - I would have thought better of Mr Quinlan but obviously I should not - misunderstand the business process, can I just use an analogy. Suppose one of those opposite had chosen to tender for government business in whatever area they might have been involved. Mr Quinlan at one stage was involved in some community services. If he had put in a tender to provide a particular service to the ACT Government and had put in it information about his business, about the cost of his services and what he could provide for a particular outcome, and the Government then chose, without his okay, to release that information to his competitors, what would Mr Quinlan be likely to do? I do not even have to answer that question, because anybody in this place would know the answer.

MR STANHOPE: I ask a supplementary question. That was a most bizarre response. It is absolutely staggering that the Chief Minister has refused to comply - - -

Mr Moore: I take a point of order, Mr Speaker. Supplementary questions cannot introduce new material or have a preamble.

MR SPEAKER: Correct. Upheld.

MR STANHOPE: My supplementary question is: Having regard to the refusal of the Chief Minister to table the Lend Lease tender documents as required by most of this Assembly, can the Chief Minister tell the Assembly how much longer she will hold the Assembly in contempt by refusing to comply with its request, which was consistent with the standing orders, for access to these documents and other documents related to the Bruce Stadium fiasco, and how much longer will she keep these documents secret?

Mr Moore: I take a point of order, Mr Speaker. The supplementary question is out of order. Standing order 117(b), in both (iii) and (iv), makes it clear that questions shall not contain either inferences or imputations. It is quite clear that talking about the Assembly being held in contempt is out of order. Therefore, the question should not be answered.

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