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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1999 Week 8 Hansard (24 August) . . Page.. 2297 ..

Mr Corbell: Mr Speaker, the Chief Minister quoted from legal advice she indicated she had obtained this morning. I would ask her, under the relevant standing order, to table a copy of the document from which she was quoting or, alternatively, a copy of the advice itself.

Ms Carnell: Mr Speaker, what I was quoting from was the text that was prepared for me to answer the question Mr Corbell had flagged in the media last night and this morning. I was not quoting from a legal advice. Mr Corbell and those opposite know that asking for Ministers to table information they use in question time has been ruled out of order on many occasions.

Mr Corbell: Will you table a copy of the relevant legal advice?

Mr Moore: Mr Speaker, on the very specific question that Mr Corbell asks now, standing order 117(c)(iii) specifically prohibits questions asking Ministers for a legal opinion.

MR SPEAKER: Mr Moore's comment is quite valid, but I am not even sure that there is a legal opinion we are discussing.

Mr Corbell: Mr Speaker, the Chief Minister has just informed this place, in her answer to my supplementary question, that her department obtained legal advice in relation to this matter. I have not asked the Chief Minister for legal advice. I have asked her to table a copy of the advice her department obviously has.

Ms Carnell: Mr Speaker, I am very happy to get the Commissioner of Public Administration to write to Mr Corbell on the issue.

Mr Corbell: I am inviting the Chief Minister to table a copy of the legal advice as a courtesy not to me but to the Assembly.

Ms Carnell: I just gave you the answer. I do not have the legal opinion. I have asked that all further questions be placed on the notice paper.

MR SPEAKER: May I ask a question? In the absence of Mr Stefaniak, who might be taking the questions that would normally be addressed to him?

Ms Carnell: Mr Speaker, in the absence of Mr Stefaniak this week, I will be taking the questions on his portfolio.

MR SPEAKER: I asked that because I notice that many members of this Assembly are reticent and shy about asking such questions and I thought I would clarify it for them.

Ms Carnell: Mr Speaker, I do apologise for not informing the Assembly.

MR SPEAKER: That is quite all right.

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