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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1999 Week 7 Hansard (2 July) . . Page.. 2201 ..

MR HARGREAVES: Certainly did, and I am proud of it. I am glad the Government and the major motor organisations listened when we complained that this was not enough for a comprehensive strategy. The Bill did not seem to reflect the presentation speech and, interestingly, it has now been regarded by the scrutiny of bills committee as very sloppy legislation. A quick perusal of the scrutiny of bills committee report to this Assembly will show that it is all over the place like a mad woman's make-up. This Minister ought to be ashamed of bringing such garbage to this Assembly.

I see speed cameras at the moment - and I want to underscore "at the moment" - as a pure revenue-raising exercise. There has not been an orchestrated publicity campaign. There was a little window, a little glimpse, a little star on the horizon, of what the real intention of this Government was about when the other day Mr Humphries, in his pontificating hypocrisy in defending the inglorious Mrs Carnell, said, "The delay in the legislation will cost the ACT $7,000 a day". But he, as Minister for Community Safety, made no mention of road safety. He was saying, "You bunch of ratbags are holding up this legislation so we cannot collect $7,000 a day in revenue". Where was the mention of a comprehensive strategy? Where was the mention of a publicity campaign? Where was it mentioned that people might stop killing themselves if they do not drive too quickly? There was no mention of those things by the Minister for Community Safety. A major road safety strategy should begin months before the cameras are introduced, educating drivers in the behaviour change which is needed in relation to speed. Furthermore, it should indicate the consequences of speed in addition to the financial and other implications of being caught on camera.

The Urban Services budget fails to deliver to the people of Canberra. The Government should be improving the quality of services. Instead, they are bleeding it dry and selling it off. The Minister is only interested in revenue raising, and even then his department will pocket the money. There is no guarantee that any of this money will go to road safety initiatives any more than the insurance levy of $10m went to Emergency Services.

This budget confirms that the good news Minister is still playing his usual tricks, playing happy families and making up warm fuzzy stories, but he is failing to see that this is not how the majority of Canberrans are living. It just proves that he is living in a fairy tale world. He certainly is not living in mine.

MS TUCKER (5.59): I did think we were going to dinner but again the Liberal Whip did not tell the crossbench that we are having a late dinner.

MR SPEAKER: It will be at 7 o'clock.

MS TUCKER: I thought it was from six to 7.30 normally. No-one told me it was 7 o'clock and I made an appointment.

MR SPEAKER: I understood it was 7 o'clock, Ms Tucker. It may be subject to variation - I do not know.

MS TUCKER: My point is that no-one told me and I made an appointment.

Mr Rugendyke: I did not know either.

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