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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1999 Week 7 Hansard (2 July) . . Page.. 2111 ..

MS CARNELL (continuing):

Mr Quinlan's reaction, shall we say, this morning to some of the phone calls that he got was very interesting. Mr Speaker, I understand that we advised the industry yesterday exactly what Mr Quinlan said in this place, that is, that he was not sure about the support of the industry for this legislation, and it was important from my perspective that the industry talk to Mr Quinlan to assure Mr Quinlan of its support. Yesterday, Mr Quinlan got up in the Assembly and said that he had had representations from the IT industry and he was not sure that the legislation in front of us yesterday fixed the problem, so he was not sure that the industry supported the legislation. I thought that it was absolutely essential that Mr Quinlan understand that the industry did support this legislation. How do you do that in 24 hours? I have to say, very appropriately, that you ring the people who have been involved in the consultation and get them to ring Mr Quinlan and assure him that they do support the Bill.

Mr Speaker, I am advised that at no time did the department misinterpret or misrepresent Mr Quinlan's views. He said in this place that he was unsure of his support for the Bill, because he was unsure that the industry supported the Bill. That is a quite fair statement, which was the reason we were happy yesterday to adjourn the debate until today. So, quite logically, we ensured that the industry got in touch with you and, I understand, gave you its support for this piece of legislation.

In conclusion, Mr Speaker, the Government and the IT industry will continue to work closely to address the long-term payroll tax issues faced by the employment agent industry generally in the ACT. I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank those members of the IT industry who have provided input and are working with the ACT Revenue Office towards a viable long-term solution which will protect ACT revenue and support the development and growth of the IT industry in the ACT. I think that this shows a cooperative approach with the industry. It does show, quite definitely, that there is a problem with some aspects of the industry using the provisions in an inappropriate way, and I think that the industry accepts that those loopholes have to be closed. We are always interested in working with the industry to ensure that the outcome is appropriate for everybody.

MR QUINLAN: Mr Speaker, I seek leave to speak again.

Leave granted.

MR QUINLAN : Mr Speaker, the Chief Minister mentioned ringing people in the industry. I understand that at least one of them received an email with a name and an email address on it. I ask that the Chief Minister please table a copy of that email and the list of people it was sent to.

Ms Carnell: Mr Speaker, I do not have a copy of the email.

MR QUINLAN: I ask that the Chief Minister make an effort to get one and table it.

Ms Carnell: Why?

MR QUINLAN: Because I want to see what is in it.

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