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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1999 Week 5 Hansard (5 May) . . Page.. 1409 ..

Mr Humphries: Cut something.

MS CARNELL: Cut something. That is the only option, Mr Speaker, because we do not spend unappropriated money on this side of the house. We have to cut something. I have not heard anybody tell us what it is. Is it the Palmerston community hall? Is it the Lanyon youth centre? Is it the Gowrie bicycle park? Is it the Lanyon Valley sport and recreation facility?

Mr Moore: Find something in Belconnen.

MS CARNELL: Well, there are. We can get rid of the refurbishment of Kippax, stage two. No problems at all. Something has to go. Maybe the point that needs to be made here is this: Get rid of the hypocrisy. Accept that the decisions we make in this place have ramifications. It might be very easy for everyone to say, "Look, ho hum, ha ha, yes, Wayne's Bill. Yes, we will have a few more trained apprentices; really nice". Well, yes, maybe, but what it does up front, in ramification terms, is that it costs the capital works budget up to half a million dollars more this coming year, which means a project has to be cut. It also means, of course, that everybody who builds anything, any building and construction project, costs 0.2 per cent more to build.

Now, quite seriously, is that what we want to do? Do we want to cut one of those projects? By passing this Bill, that is what will happen, because it must happen. You cannot spend more money than you have. You cannot spend more money than is in the capital works program.

Mr Kaine: You have proved that you can. You just go and borrow it, then bank it the next day.

MS CARNELL: If Mr Kaine is suggesting we borrow the money for the Palmerston community hall, put it on the table. Go for it. All I am suggesting, all I am urging, is that all members of this Assembly accept that there are ramifications. It is not simple. Legislation like this has ramifications. The ramifications are that capital works programs will have to be cut in the coming year. It is that simple. You have to ask the question, "For what?". If you can answer that, go for it, you guys.

MR BERRY (5.38): I will give you a quick answer. Spot on. I will tell you one to cut. Cut the $570,000 party at the end of the year. That is not a bad one to cut.

Ms Carnell: It is not in the capital works budget.

MR BERRY: Your budget has not been passed yet, Treasurer, in case you have not noticed, and I wish you would have taken the trouble to read the relevant legislation before you came down here and launched into this debate. Have a look at the VETA Bill. Do not scurry out of here. Face the music. Mr Speaker, I just thought I would throw that one in.

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