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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1999 Week 1 Hansard (17 February) . . Page.. 214 ..

MR STANHOPE (continuing):

Mr Speaker, can the Minister inform the Assembly what changes have occurred at Karralika in the months since the report of the Health Complaints Commissioner and, in particular, can the Minister advise the Assembly whether he has appointed a clinical supervisor to Karralika, as now twice recommended?

MR MOORE: Thank you, Mr Stanhope, for the question. I can inform you that I have not meddled to the extent that I would appoint a clinical supervisor. The answer to your question is no. I have not appointed a clinical supervisor. Nor do I know whether a clinical supervisor has been appointed. Correctly, I am at arm's length. I will take that part of the question on notice and get back to you when I have determined whether that is the case.

You also asked what has taken place at Karralika. The Karralika board of directors is, of course, ADFACT. ADFACT has had its annual general meeting and a new board of directors has been elected. I do not know whether my description is exactly accurate, but the board that governs Karralika and governs ADFACT has been through an election process. The people from the previous board all stood down, and through the election process we now have a new group of people. That followed the recommendations of Dr Mugford. The board includes a number of people appointed by me and by Mr Humphries. I accepted and appointed the people nominated by my department. Mr Humphries, I understand, is still considering a nomination for the board.

There certainly has been a significant attempt at reform at ADFACT, leading through to Karralika. This does not happen quickly. The process is continuing, but it is changing. I would also be happy to get for you or for any other member a proper briefing on the matter. I will come back to you on the particular matter I took on notice.

MR STANHOPE: I ask a supplementary question. Thank you for that answer, Minister. I understand that you have taken part of the previous question on notice. It is relevant to this but, accepting that, can you advise the Assembly whether it is your expectation that all of the recommendations made by Mr Patterson, the Health Complaints Commissioner, and the recommendations by Dr Mugford will be acted on by you and implemented? If so, what sort of timeframe do you envisage?

MR MOORE: I have read the work from the Health Complaints Commissioner and I have read the work from Dr Mugford. As would normally be the case with government issues, much of what they have recommended will be taken on, but there will be issues that government, for whatever reason, does not wish to take on or to follow through. I am always happy to explain to members why we have taken a decision in any of those cases. I would hope that we will have Karralika working more effectively as soon as possible.

Bruce Stadium

MR QUINLAN: Mr Speaker, my question is to the Chief Minister, or maybe Mr Stefaniak and, to cover all bases, possibly Mr Moore. Can the Chief Minister inform the Assembly how many corporate boxes have been sold at Bruce Stadium up to this point?

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