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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1998 Week 11 Hansard (10 December) . . Page.. 3518 ..

Mr Quinlan: Let us hear a couple and we will know.

MR HUMPHRIES: Yes. Obviously I have a comparison to make here this year. As members may now be expecting a car, I will have to go through my list. In fact, Mr Speaker, I had also given you a Rolls Royce. Funny that, is it not? There is something about that.

Ms Carnell: With two chauffeurs and flags on the front.

MR HUMPHRIES: That is right. But Mr Kaine would be very concerned about the budgetary implications of that. To offset it I have given Mr Hird a ute so we do not have to blow our budget. Mr Quinlan gets a Mazda 121 because he cannot handle any numbers bigger than that. Mr Rugendyke gets to keep his present car in order to keep the budget down, but it gets fitted with a blue light and a siren. Befitting his crusade against the evils of privatisation, Mr Corbell gets a batmobile and a cape to go with it. Mr Speaker, if Mr Osborne continues with legislation like his abortion Bill, it is really a toss-up between a used popemobile or an armoured car. I am not sure which one it would be.

Mr Corbell: They are the same thing, are they not?

MR HUMPHRIES: Just about. Mr Smyth has graduated from his billycart up to driving ACTION buses, and he will need to if his industrial record continues the way it was this year. I thought Mr Wood at this stage of life probably needs a golf cart. That would be a good thing for him to be driving at this stage. Mr Stefaniak would like a sports car, no doubt, and would probably argue for a sports car - - -

Mr Stefaniak: It would go nicely with a tank.

MR HUMPHRIES: Yes, but given that you were out to prove the existence of Santa Claus earlier this week, I think a Santa sleigh would be a nice alternative to that. Mr Speaker, I would give Mr Stanhope the stretch limousine so he could accommodate all the factions in the one car and take them all for a ride with him along the road at the same time. I thought Mr Hargreaves should have a covered wagon because he is under attack all the time. A covered wagon would be a nice good shelter for him. As far as Mr Kaine is concerned, I thought, in light of his move over to the crossbenchers, he should have a convertible.

Mr Kaine: Okay. A convertible Statesman.

MR HUMPHRIES: A convertible Statesman. Fair enough. A good compromise. It does not really matter what Mr Berry gets as long as it is a left-hand drive, and it does not matter what Mrs Carnell gets as long as someone else drives it. I have noted that Ms Tucker now has a gas-powered car. That is very good, Mr Speaker, but it still uses fossil fuels, Kerrie. Sorry, it is not good enough.

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