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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1998 Week 10 Hansard (26 November) . . Page.. 3155 ..

MR OSBORNE (continuing):

to its hardworking members I will not name, pretends to be part of the pro-life community. Indeed, many of its members are fine people and work very hard for the pro-life cause. Unfortunately, a few self-proclaimed, unelected leaders of this group in Sydney have let their own desire for attention cloud their judgment. Perhaps it is a case of an attention deficit problem, which can be treated medically. For their sake, I hope so.

Regrettably, their pathetic legal advice is deficient. It is as deficient as its understanding of politics and many other matters. It has the sophistication, subtlety and incredibility of the Flat Earth Society, or perhaps it is better to say that they live in Fantasyland. Some of the propositions advanced by their sole legal adviser - and I use the term very loosely, Mr Deputy Speaker - would not pass muster with any student in any discipline. He would not dare run any such arguments before any lawyer, and certainly not before any court. He would be laughed out of it. Indeed, if he actually practised law - and it appears that he does not, because he is too busy telling porkies about anyone who disagrees with him - he might have the benefit of instruction from genuine practitioners and not the fawning affection of groupies.

This group demand justice from everyone but give it to no-one. They selectively quote documents, knowingly provide false information and vilify anyone who dares to take a different view of the world from their own. They have especially attacked me and my family and my friends and their families. The few who claim to be leaders have divided and confused many in the pro-life family. Their actions are those of schoolyard bullies. People act as bullies only when they have no arguments of substance to advance. This is the case with these unelected and unaccountable, self-proclaimed leaders. This splinter group effectively seeks to set up its own church, in which only the most perfect persons can participate.


MS CARNELL (Chief Minister and Treasurer) (7.59): Mr Deputy Speaker, today at lunchtime Mr Rugendyke and I had the great pleasure of going to the opening of Ecowise, the new private sector operated company owned by the staff. Mr Rugendyke and I were pleased to see the level of enthusiasm and the positive approach of the staff. The owners, who are the staff, tell me that they are really busy and that things are going really well. I am sure that Mr Rugendyke would join with me in wishing them all the best.

It is wonderful to see a group of people who are so positive about the future of their company and the future of Canberra, and who are so pleased to be small business owners. Mr Deputy Speaker, I wish that all members of the Assembly had had the opportunity to see the result of what was a vote in this house. I am sure that the people who did not vote for it would have felt that maybe they should have. But that is another issue. The fact is that it was a vote in this house that produced a situation where there are a lot of very proud people - proud of their company, proud of Canberra and proud that they are now owning their own business.

Question resolved in the affirmative.

Assembly adjourned at 8.01 pm until Tuesday, 8 December 1998, at 10.30 am

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