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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1998 Week 10 Hansard (26 November) . . Page.. 3151 ..

MS TUCKER (7.41): If I just heard correctly, on what Mr Osborne sees as the most important issue that he needs to be across and on which he needs to work with Labor and understand Labor's position, he has just walked out because I am going to be a member of that committee. If that is the case, I wonder exactly what Mr Osborne is afraid of in my membership of this committee. He has just accused me of wanting to unravel it. I am actually as interested as anyone else in superannuation liability. I do not have a set position on superannuation liability.

Members interjected.

MS TUCKER: Can you bring the house to order, Mr Temporary Deputy Speaker? I am having trouble speaking.

I do not have any fixed position on superannuation liability. I am interested in the issue and I have an open mind on whether or not there are different ways of dealing with that liability. What I have expressed strong opinions on, of course, is the need for us to understand the downside of ACTEW being sold to pay this debt. That is what many people in the community have asked for.

We have asked for a full inquiry into this issue of ACTEW so that we have a proper cost-benefit analysis of the whole sale of ACTEW, not just an inquiry into whether or not superannuation could be paid off in a different way. We have seen, obviously, an incredible, desperate reluctance from the government side and from Mr Osborne and others to actually allow that scrutiny to occur. So I have to accept Mr Osborne's sulkily walking out of the committee; but I think it would be useful, if there is a space vacant, for Mr Kaine to join the committee, because I know that he too is interested in producing a report. So I move that the following amendment be made to Mr Osborne's motion:

Add the following words "and appoint Mr Kaine in his place".

MR DEPUTY SPEAKER: Ms Tucker has moved as an amendment to Mr Osborne's motion that Mr Kaine be appointed in his place. We are now discussing the amendment to appoint Mr Kaine. It seems strange that we will consider that amendment before Mr Osborne is discharged.

Mr Stanhope: I assumed that he had already been discharged and that there was a vacancy.

MR DEPUTY SPEAKER: No; I have not put that question.

Mr Hird: I will also move to be discharged from the committee.

MR DEPUTY SPEAKER: Mr Hird, I am advised that you need to wait until we have dispensed with the current motion. You have certainly indicated what you propose.

Mr Hird: I have foreshadowed it.

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