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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1998 Week 10 Hansard (25 November) . . Page.. 3019 ..

MS TUCKER (continuing):

It is still unclear to me. I hear some people say, as I think the Chief Minister said, that this would have no impact at all on the position that doctors took. But then I am told that, when they work at Calvary and if they are wearing the Calvary hat they do, in fact, represent the values of that hospital.

Mr Berry: They have got to sign on.

MS TUCKER: Mr Berry says that they have to sign. I am concerned to see this. I do not think we should be having as large a proportion of people on this panel who are wearing the hat of a Catholic institution.

MR OSBORNE (2.24 am): Mr Speaker, I never thought that Ms Tucker was a bigot; but, having just listened to her, I think perhaps she is, because she obviously has problems with Catholics.

Ms Tucker: No, I don't. I just want a balance, Mr Osborne. You like balance. This isn't balanced.

MR OSBORNE: Mr Speaker, the make-up of this panel has been all about balance. Mr Moore has agreed to the make-up of this board, as has Mr Hargreaves. Mr Moore has addressed the chairmen of both boards and asked them to make sure that, for the sake of everybody, given that there is the right of veto on the information, we have people on there who are prepared to work together and compromise and come up with something sooner rather than later. So, the fact that half the board is made up of Catholics just highlights your prejudice against them, Ms Tucker.

Ms Tucker: Mr Speaker, is it unparliamentary for Mr Osborne to call me a bigot or is it okay? I would like him to withdraw it.

MR SPEAKER: Well, if you take offence - - -

Ms Tucker: I think I took offence.


Ms Tucker: Yes.

MR SPEAKER: Very well.

Mr Humphries: He called you "a digit", did you say?

Ms Tucker: A bigot. And he had no argument to support it.

MR SPEAKER: The word is not unparliamentary at the moment.

MR OSBORNE: Mr Speaker, I am accused of being a zealot. I accuse Ms Tucker of being a bigot, and she asks me to withdraw it. I copped "zealot" and she will not cop "bigot".

Ms Tucker: That is your choice. You do not have to cop "zealot".

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