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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1998 Week 8 Hansard (29 October) . . Page.. 2467 ..

Mr Stanhope: We just want a full answer.

MR HUMPHRIES: You have had a full answer, Mr Stanhope. To every answer we give in this place, Mr Speaker, the response is, "You have not answered the question". Mr Berry can repeat that mantra, but I will simply say to the house, as I have said before, that we are interested in protecting the Territory's future financial position by covering that superannuation liability.

We, unlike the Opposition in this place, have indicated a strategy for dealing with that, and the utter political bankruptcy of saying that the problem is not serious, that it can be managed on some sort of cash flow basis or that it is simply a question for future governments to consider is, I think, reprehensible in the extreme. I repeat my challenge to those opposite to match this Government's honesty in putting a proposed solution on the table and to show us the colour of their money on that issue. If they think that we have the wrong solution, Mr Speaker - - -

Mr Moore: They accrued the superannuation liability.

MR HUMPHRIES: Yes, that is right. The people opposite were in office for five years and the rate of accrual was enormous during that period, but and you did nothing about it. We know what your approach is. We know what your strategy is. Why should we expect that you have a solution to this problem when you are not prepared to put it on the table? We are entitled to assume that you have no solution. You want to beat the Government over the head because it is prepared to take this course of action. We are covering up for your mistakes in the past by putting in place a strategy to deal with the rising superannuation and you complain about it. Mr Speaker, the fact is that Mr Berry does not understand, despite having had it explained to him many times, the flow of superannuation within the budget papers. The budget papers show a full recognition of the total liability and the biggest payment ever of $200m over four years. Mr Berry does not understand that. I can see why - - -

Mr Berry: Tell us about the leakage.

Mr Stanhope: Tell us about the leakage. Tell us.

MR SPEAKER: Order! If interjections continue, somebody is going to be warned and, I guess, ultimately named.

MR HUMPHRIES: Mr Speaker, I can see why Mr Berry, as the alternative Treasurer at the last election, was rejected by the people of the ACT. They knew what his financial competency was. "Working Capital" gave that to him pretty much in spades. Mr Speaker, he is again showing his lack of understanding of these issues by his question and the comments he has made today.

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