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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1998 Week 6 Hansard (1 September) . . Page.. 1613 ..

MS CARNELL: Mr Speaker, I was getting to that, and it is not a point of order. There were two things said. One was that it was inequitable and everybody should pay the same. I think that was Mr Quinlan's approach, and I suspect it was Ms Tucker's approach. If everybody paid the same, Mr Speaker, it would mean that people in Forrest pay the same as people in Banks. It would mean that the Tuggeranong Town Centre pay the same, maybe, as the Fyshwick Markets. Mr Speaker, that is ridiculous stuff. It certainly is not equitable. But if those opposite want to bring - - -

Ms Tucker: Not necessarily so.

MS CARNELL: Excuse me, Mr Speaker - - -

Mr Kaine: And that is a pathetic interpretation of what we said.


MS CARNELL: Mr Speaker, shall we get to a percentage on rates? I am happy to address that one as well. That would be the only other way to go if those who have spoken have any basis of credibility as well. What is our rates bill based upon? The majority of our rates bill is the unimproved capital value. It is the unimproved capital value; not the house that is on the block, but the block itself. Are they now suggesting, Mr Speaker, that somebody with a $2m house should pay exactly the same as somebody with a $100,000 house if they happen to be in the same rating area, which in Canberra happens all the time? Are they saying that people in ex-government houses in Red Hill should pay exactly the same amount as the people in the couple of million dollars touch around the corner, Mr Speaker? Is that what they are saying? Well, they have to be saying one of the two.

Mr Kaine: No, that is not what we are saying.

MS CARNELL: They have to be saying one of the two. They either have to be saying that we have a poll tax, where everybody pays the same - - -

Mr Kaine: Absolutely not. Nothing is ever all black or all white, Minister, and you know it.


Mr Kaine: That is how you think, obviously.

MR SPEAKER: Chief Minister, you have the floor.

MS CARNELL: Sorry, Mr Speaker, it does not show. Mr Speaker, there are only two approaches that those opposite and Mr Kaine and Ms Tucker have spoken about. Yes, a percentage on rates is possible. If Mr Kaine or Ms Tucker - - -

Mr Kaine: Mr Speaker, the Chief Minister is misrepresenting and distorting what I said. I did not say a percentage on rates. I said a levy on rates.

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