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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1998 Week 3 Hansard (28 May) . . Page.. 751 ..

MR CORBELL (continuing):

This is an issue of considerable concern in the community. It strikes at the heart of good government and at the heart of good decision-making processes. Mr Speaker, I cannot start my speech this afternoon without alluding slightly to the behaviour of the Government in this place yesterday, when it made a very clear and deliberate attempt to prevent this issue from being discussed. Mr Speaker, there is little wonder that the Government did not want this issue discussed - because this issue is about whether or not we have a fair, open and accountable process of decision-making in the Territory. In relation to the Hall/Kinlyside land affair, there is no doubt that we do not.

Mr Humphries: Mr Speaker, I rise on a point of order. Mr Corbell is now talking about the proceedings in the Assembly yesterday and whether or not the Assembly was able to reach the matter that he had on the notice paper to raise yesterday. With great respect, it is a different issue from the one that is before the Assembly today. Today's issue is the substantive issue of the Hall/Kinlyside proposed development. Mr Speaker, Mr Corbell is raising now what the Assembly did or did not do yesterday.

MR CORBELL: No; not what the Assembly did, but what you did yesterday.

Mr Humphries: It is not a reflection on a vote.

MR SPEAKER: No, it is not a reflection on a vote.

Mr Humphries: It is not a reflection on a vote; it is a reflection on the Government. Mr Corbell has corrected me. He is saying that what the Government was supposed to have done yesterday was nefarious. We did not do anything, as far as I can tell; but the Government - - -

Mr Berry: Mr Speaker, this is frivolous.


Mr Humphries: And that is not the subject of today's debate.

MR SPEAKER: I appreciate what you say, Mr Humphries. However, it is not reflecting on a vote which was taken by the Assembly. Nevertheless, I would ask you, Mr Corbell, to address the substantive motion before you today.

MR CORBELL: That is exactly what I was doing, Mr Speaker. I was talking about the Government's complete unwillingness to discuss this issue of Kinlyside. The issue of Hall/Kinlyside highlights one of the most important tenets of government in the Territory - the need for a fair and proper process which protects the public interest. The issue of the Hall/Kinlyside land deal highlights the breakdown of good government in the Territory - the undermining of open, transparent and accountable government.

In short, Mr Speaker, this issue highlights how this Government's "can do" approach has overridden all other considerations, to the detriment of processes which protect the community interest and which require issues to be considered in a fair and accountable manner. The Government has attempted, in the past few weeks, to portray this issue

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