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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1998 Week 1 Hansard (28 April) . . Page.. 20 ..

MS CARNELL (continuing):

The other issues that Professor Pettit spoke about in his report were issues such as the organisation of Cabinet, how Cabinet would be organised with a non-government member in Cabinet and not using the threat to resign as part of negotiations. Again, those issues have been covered in the negotiations with Mr Moore.

Mr Speaker, I believe that this approach can work; but it certainly can work only where there is trust, where there is a will to do the best job for the people of the ACT. As we start a new Assembly, I am confident that that need, that wish, that desire and, I suppose, that commitment as well to do the best job for the people of Canberra are paramount in all our minds. Mr Speaker, I believe that the approach that we have taken in asking Mr Moore to become a Minister will broaden the base of this Assembly. As long as I have been in this place, people have spoken about the need for crossbenchers and others to have more input into decision-making and for the evolution, I suppose, of this Assembly to happen in a way that would reflect what the people of Canberra want; that is, in my view, a less adversarial, more inclusive Assembly.

I certainly hope, from my perspective obviously, that this experiment will be successful. I am very confident that it will be, because of the level of goodwill and the level of interest in making this Assembly a place that does embrace new and innovative approaches that broaden the input into government decision-making, an Assembly that really is at the forefront of those sorts of changes. Mr Speaker, for the interest of members, I now table the letters that changed hands between Mr Moore and me with regard to the fifth ministry.

Mr Berry: Mr Speaker, I seek leave to move a motion relating to the presentation of papers relating to the fifth ministry.

MR SPEAKER: Is leave granted?

Ms Carnell: I just did it.

Mr Berry: Mr Speaker, I move that this Assembly - - -

MR SPEAKER: Order, Mr Berry! Is leave granted?

Ms Carnell: No.

MR SPEAKER: Leave is not granted.

Ms Carnell: We have done it. I cannot understand how you can move a motion for something we have done.

Mr Berry: I think it is an important matter to have on the public record that the Assembly requires all the papers and, if there are any other papers that we have not yet seen, you are required to table those. If you give us a clear and unequivocal statement that these are all of the papers that you have received in your office, either from departmental sources or from Mr Moore, I will not proceed with the motion.

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