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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1998 Week 1 Hansard (28 April) . . Page.. 103 ..

MR BERRY (continuing):

I am very disappointed that Mr Moore has changed his position in relation to this. He was right the first time round. He should vote against this overall proposal because it is a bad system, as he properly interpreted it at the time. It is an ominous reflection, I suppose, on some of Mr Moore's principles that he would change so quickly immediately after taking a position with the Executive in this coalition Government.

MR MOORE (Minister for Health and Community Care) (5.07): It perhaps would be ominous had I changed so quickly when this Government changed. This is the disingenuous way that Mr Berry operates. Prior to the time that the Chief Minister approached me for a meeting on the issue of a ministry, he knew very clearly that I indicated to him that I preferred this system; that I had changed and that I had done so last time. You may well remember, Mr Berry, that, when the proposal was first put up by the Committee Secretariat here prior to the decision to set up the committees for the Third Assembly, I objected at that stage saying, "No, we ought to proceed with the previous system, the system of the Second Assembly" - which became the system of the Third Assembly as well - "because I believe that the committees are not yet mature enough and they would lose their proactive stance". That was what I was concerned about. Before beginning the negotiations for this position in the ministry which the Chief Minister and I began over the weekend, I had indicated to you very clearly that these committees were my preferred system because I believed that the people who are operating here would ensure that there was an appropriate proactive element to these committees, and I believe there still will be.

With regard to the matter of self-referral, I believe that the Pettit report got this wrong, along with how-to-vote cards and some other issues. I believe that the self-referral role of committees is a very important role that they have. If a select committee looks at governance, looks at Professor Pettit's report, and comes back and gives good reason as to why we would do away with this - a committee that examines the thinking behind Professor Pettit's recommendation - we may well change this around. We may well remove the amendment that Mr Corbell is putting up. This is the point, Mr Berry. People who have taken some more information into their minds, having been exposed to more information, can sometimes - - -

Mr Berry: Ha, ha, ha!

MR MOORE: I know this is very hard for you to understand. That is why I am speaking slowly for you. People can sometimes - - -

Mr Berry: With all the information I still would not be able to do a double backflip with pike.

MR MOORE: I will not try any further because I realise you have information overload. Mr Speaker, I will be supporting the amendment put up by Mr Corbell.

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