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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1996 Week 11 Hansard (26 September) . . Page.. 3442 ..

MR SPEAKER: Order! We are all getting a bit precious this morning.

MR DE DOMENICO: Here is the teacher again. Could you just keep her under control, Mr Speaker.

Ms McRae: Mr Speaker, I would like to put on record the fact that Mr De Domenico denigrates teachers. I think it is appropriate - - -

MR SPEAKER: Order! Sit down.

Ms McRae: It is appropriate that it be known that it is being used against me.

MR SPEAKER: Sit down. There is no point of order.

Ms McRae: Mr Speaker, I think it is most inappropriate to be calling me names such as "teacher" across the chamber.

MR SPEAKER: Then, ask for a withdrawal if you wish, but I do not see that there is anything wrong with calling you a teacher.

Ms McRae: You may rule that way, Mr Speaker, if you so wish. I do not think it is appropriate, and I would like it to be known to one and all that that is how Mr De Domenico treats teachers.

MR DE DOMENICO: I am sorry that members opposite are so precious, Mr Speaker. As I was saying before I was so rudely and preciously interrupted, might I suggest in respect of what Ms Follett did say that there is a difference between a small business person, who is not paid and never has been paid out of the public purse, and a public servant having a conflict of interest. She has tried to use the analogy that public servants have to resign in order to hold a position in this place, and so they should, and they always will have to. But there is a difference between that and Mrs Carnell's situation, where she has nothing to do with the running of her pharmacy. Can I also point out a concern of Mrs Carnell's. Mr Berry and others were talking about the fact that she has her name on her dispensing label. If people did some proper research, they would find out that it is illegal for her not to have her name on that product. Before people get up here and make comments about individuals in this place, they ought to get their facts straight.

A lot has been said about linking with the community. I recall that, when I was elected to this place in opposition in 1992, I was a member of numerous community groups, including the Chamber of Commerce, the Italo-Australian Club and all sorts of other organisations. Quite incorrectly, I resigned from every position I had held so dearly before being elected to this place, just in case other individuals in this place - and I will not name any names because I will be accused of being personal - might tend to be grubby from time to time and want to use my personal involvement in any organisation against me personally. I thought the best thing to do was to resign. I regret that I did that, to be very honest with you, because being a member of community organisations is testimony to the fact that this community has so many volunteers.

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