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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1996 Week 11 Hansard (25 September) . . Page.. 3342 ..

MRS CARNELL (continuing):

Mr Moore might object to the decision. That is fine. But the reality is - and I think those opposite would agree - that the role of government is to follow procedures and to make sure that people do have an opportunity to have a say, wherever possible. We give them an opportunity half a day once a month. That is a significant amount of time. There are also all of the other times when community consultation occurs through our advisory councils. That is not the issue here, Mr Speaker. The issue here is that Mr Moore and others want to knock off anything that might create a job in this city.

MR WOOD: Mr Speaker, I rise under standing order 46. I claim to have been grievously misrepresented.

MR SPEAKER: Proceed.

MR WOOD: In her speech, the Chief Minister said that she and her Cabinet colleagues would go out to the community, as indeed they do, but that other Cabinet members before her had not done so. I point out that when I was a Cabinet Minister I was out at Tuggeranong in the community, not every month but every week; and I continue to do so. I paid for it, too.

MR MOORE: Mr Speaker, I rise also under standing order 46, having been misrepresented in almost all of the speech of Mrs Carnell.

MR SPEAKER: Never mind that.

MR MOORE: The specific situation that I am talking about is her statement that I just want to knock this off and knock off jobs. That is absolute nonsense, Mr Speaker. I have never said that. I do not believe in that. What we want is for the Chief Minister to consult. If she has such a good idea - I will get back to that later, in my speech in reply.

MS McRAE (11.22): Mr Speaker, I foreshadow that I will move the amendment circulated in my name. I will specifically refer to that as I begin, because I think that Mr Moore, whilst limiting this to the lakes, has given Mrs Carnell carte blanche to carry on however she likes anywhere else. Whilst the point at the moment is the specific requirement at the lakes, the real issue is not to do with the development at the lakes or at any lake; the real issue, as Mr Moore has pointed out in great detail, is the consultative processes. My amendment will broaden the process and will require the Government to consult on all significant public works developments in the ACT.

Mr Moore: On a point of order, Mr Speaker: I take this point of order under standing order 173 in terms of the relevance of this amendment to the motion. If Ms McRae wants to put a separate motion along those lines, I would be only too delighted to look at it and consider it on its merits. In this case, I believe it is not relevant to what I am trying to achieve. I believe it is not relevant under standing order 173. The reason I take the point of order now, although I realise Ms McRae has not put the amendment as such, is that she has said that she is going to speak to it. Therefore, she would be irrelevant. I ask you to rule now on whether or not that would be an acceptable amendment. I believe it is not.

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