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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1996 Week 8 Hansard (27 June) . . Page.. 2295 ..

MR HUMPHRIES: That is the man who never made a cheap shot in his life, Mr Speaker! Let me just say that Ms Follett did not ask me any question. Ms McRae asked me a question. She never asked me what the plans were - in question No. 225 - with respect to Rugby League Park. If she does not ask the question, she cannot expect to get an answer. Mr Speaker, there is no secret plan. The plan is on the table very clearly. It was published on the front page of the Canberra Times. Ms Follett should try to give up her cheap-shot press releases.

MR KAINE: I have a supplementary question, Mr Speaker. Do I understand, Minister, that there is no proposal before the Government on this issue at the moment?

MR HUMPHRIES: There is no formal planning application before the Government. The parties have certainly discussed an issue with me, Mr Speaker, and that is the one that was referred to on the front page of the Canberra Times. Can I suggest that, if members are interested, including Ms Follett, there is a very simple device: Just come and ask me, and I will happily tell you.

Glass Milk Bottles

MR WOOD: Mr Speaker, my question - if the Chief Minister will allow - is to Mr De Domenico.

Mrs Carnell: You asked me last time.

MR WOOD: It is a bit of a tough question, I know. It relates to milk bottles. I heard you on radio the other day, Mr De Domenico, and I am asking you to reaffirm in this chamber your public commitment to the production of milk in glass bottles for at least the next 12 months. I am prompted to ask the question because the Milk Authority's 1996-97 draft - and I emphasise "draft" - marketing plan proposes, as part of a vendor support campaign, to "research, develop and launch, if appropriate, glass bottle phase-out". I realise that this is a proposal - it is not your policy - but I would like to hear what your policy is and what you might be saying directly to the Milk Authority on the future of glass bottles. We would like a little certainty over a period.

MR DE DOMENICO: I thank Mr Wood for his question. Had Mr Wood been present during the adjournment debate on Tuesday night, he would have heard me, in response to Mr Moore's concerns, reassert what the Government's position is. But I will repeat it for him because, obviously, he was not here and he did not hear it. The situation is this: The Government will continue to provide milk in glass bottles to the consumers here in the ACT as long as public safety can be guaranteed.

Mr Wood: That is forever.

MR DE DOMENICO: No, it is not forever, Mr Wood. In fact, you should talk to Ms Follett about this issue, because she is someone who has taken a great interest in the issue. If the Government believes that the consumer can continue to be supplied with wholesome, clean milk and nothing else in the milk bottles but milk, we will give an assurance to continue to provide that product.

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