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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1996 Week 7 Hansard (20 June) . . Page.. 1994 ..

MR SPEAKER: Mr Berry, we have had this matter discussed on previous occasions. If Mr Humphries had referred to a member specifically as a liar, he would have had to withdraw, although I think it highly unlikely that he would have done it in the first place. A general comment - - -

Mr Berry: I yield.

MR SPEAKER: Thank you. We have had this matter out before. There is no point of order.

MR HUMPHRIES: Mr Speaker, I invite those opposite to go straight, to tell us what it is that we have changed about the existing policy - - -

Ms McRae: So, you are saying that Charles Sturt University is a liar, are you? Very good, Mr Humphries!

MR HUMPHRIES: No. I am saying that, if they said that Burmah's introduction was - - -

Ms McRae: Yes, and the NRMA. Good one, Mr Humphries!

MR HUMPHRIES: Mr Speaker, the NRMA did not make any comment at all about the causes of higher petrol prices. I read their release. What they said was that the prices had gone up, and they blamed oil companies. They did not blame the ACT Government; they blamed oil companies. I spoke to Mr Gaukroger about it. You are saying that they were blaming us. They were not. Do not say that the NRMA is part of your little cabal of untruths; it is not. Mr Speaker, I say again: If those opposite can show where we have undone some of their policy, then they should come back to this place and tell us about it. If they cannot do that, then they should not peddle the lie that somehow there has been a change of policy, because there has not been.

Sharps Unit - Collection of Hypodermic Syringes

MR HIRD: Mr Speaker, I am concerned at recent statements made by this week's Leader of the Opposition. I direct my question to the Minister for Urban Services, Mr De Domenico. Could the Minister outline for the benefit of the parliament, the valuable work being undertaken by the sharps area of his department in relation to the collection of hypodermic syringes in public places?

Mr Berry: Mr Speaker, I think that question has been fully answered.

Mr De Domenico: No, it has not. It is not the same question.

Ms Follett: It is very similar.

MR SPEAKER: It is not the same question. I recall that Mr Hird asked about the value of the work done.

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