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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1996 Week 4 Hansard (16 April) . . Page.. 932 ..

MR DE DOMENICO (continuing):

happen in the future is just sheer hypocrisy. I am aware that this week Mr Whitecross is Leader of the Opposition. Perhaps next week Ms McRae, from another electorate, wants to be Leader of the Opposition.

Mr Kaine: She could not do a worse job.

MR DE DOMENICO: Thank you, Mr Kaine. She could not do a worse job. The reality is, Mr Speaker, that what this lot ought to do is get on the front foot, start talking up the Canberra economy, start talking up the Canberra community, and stop whingeing and moaning. Mr Whitecross, we know that the CFMEU manual on how to be an opposition leader says, "Whinge, moan and criticise". If that is what you want to do, go ahead and do it. In the meantime, we will go ahead and create jobs, go forward on the front foot and really sell Canberra as the best place on earth in which to live and work. If you do not agree with that, you resign.

Hospital Waiting Lists

MR SPEAKER: Mr Berry, at last you are on your feet, instead of just interjecting all the time. Do you have a question?

MR BERRY: Mr Speaker, thank you for your help and commentary.

MR SPEAKER: You are welcome.

MR BERRY: Mr Speaker, my question is to the Chief Minister in her capacity as Minister for Health. Chief Minister, on Saturday you were quoted in the Canberra Times as claiming that 348 fewer patients were on the waiting list since you came to government. Which category or categories of the waiting list did you target as a priority for waiting list reduction? Was it done by specialty or by length of time on the list?

Mr Humphries: Was it done at all?

MRS CARNELL: I think the point that must be made first, Mr Speaker, is exactly what Mr Humphries just said. At least we did it, unlike under Mr Berry. I think, during the four years that he was Health Minister, he managed to allow the waiting list to blow out further and further. In fact, I think it went from some 1,789 to about 4,500, which really shows that his Government obviously did not have a waiting list strategy, as the ACT Government now has.

Mr Berry: Mr Speaker, do you think I would have time to go and get a cup of tea while she gets to the answer?

MR SPEAKER: There is no point of order. The Minister is answering the question as she sees fit.

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