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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1996 Week 4 Hansard (18 April) . . Page.. 1080 ..

Teachers - Stop-work Meetings

MR MOORE: My question is also to the Chief Minister, this time in her capacity as the Minister in charge of industrial relations. On Tuesday, 16 April, in answer to my supplementary question - that very concise supplementary question, you will remember, Mr Speaker - regarding whether workers at stop-work meetings were being paid, Chief Minister, you replied:

For some stop-work meetings that have been approved, people have been paid. For those that have not been approved, they have not been.

Chief Minister, will you approve a stop-work meeting for teachers on Tuesday while they consider your offer?

MRS CARNELL: If a request comes to me, I will certainly look at that, Mr Moore; but at this stage, to my knowledge, a request along those lines has not come to me. Possibly the Minister for Education may have had a request.

Mr Stefaniak: Not yet.

MRS CARNELL: No. It is very hard to approve something that you have not been requested to approve.

MR MOORE: I have a supplementary question, Chief Minister. I can assure you that an approach will be made. Under those circumstances, will you approve it when this approach is made to your Government?

MRS CARNELL: I think that is a hypothetical question, Mr Speaker. I certainly give an undertaking to look at the request when I get it.

Kangaroo Management

MR HIRD: Mr Speaker, I would like to direct a question to the Minister for the Environment, Land and Planning, Mr Humphries. Mr Humphries, you recently released a report by the Kangaroo Advisory Committee which made a number of recommendations for long-term kangaroo management in the Territory. Despite the Government promising to implement that report, you were still subject to criticism by the Greens and Labor. Was that criticism reasonable or justified, or was it just political grandstanding?

Mr Berry: All he is interested in doing is shooting the kangaroos.

MR HUMPHRIES: Mr Speaker, I am very tempted to shoot somebody or something else, but I will restrain myself for the moment. I thank Mr Hird for the question. Members will recall that in October last year I was subject to some criticism at that stage for pre-empting the Kangaroo Advisory Committee's final report on kangaroo management issues in the ACT. At that stage I was lectured by Mr Berry, who was then the environment spokesman for the Labor Party, and others for having pre-empted

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