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Tuesday, 26 March 1996

Authority to record, broadcast and photograph proceedings

Announcement of member to fill casual vacancy

Oath or affirmation of allegiance

Affirmation of allegiance by member

Leader of the Opposition (Statement by Speaker)


National soccer centre

Licensed premises - trading hours

Motor Traffic (Consequential Provisions) Bill 1995

Workforce statistical reports

Governing Canberra

Standing committees - membership

Scrutiny of Bills and Subordinate Legislation - standing committee

Planning and Environment - standing committee

Questions without notice:

Housing Trust - privatisation

Follett Government - allowances claimed by staff

Nurses - registration fees

Mental health services

Local area planning

Office development - Turner

Charnwood High School site

Public library services

Community organisations

Secondary college teachers

Ministerial Advisory Council on Government Schooling

Industrial action by teachers - student activities

Auditor-General - Report No. 2 of 1996

Canberra Region Campaign

Information technology

Subordinate legislation

Children's Services Act - Official Visitor's Report 1994-95

Cycling initiatives (Ministerial statement)

Industrial relations (Matter of public importance)

Legislative Assembly (Members' Staff) Act - determinations

Weapons (Amendment) Bill 1995

Planning and Environment - standing committee

Canberra Region Campaign


Prime Minister's official residence

Dr Bob Brown

Dr Bob Brown : Prime Minister's official residence

Wednesday, 27 March 1996

Petitions: Licensed premises - trading hours

Crimes (Amendment) Bill 1996

Domestic Violence (Amendment) Bill 1996

Tenancy Tribunal (Amendment) Bill 1996

Liquor (Amendment) Bill 1996

Fair Trading (Amendment) Bill 1996

Personal explanation

Inferences and imputations (Statement by Speaker)

Personal explanation

Questions without notice:

Australian Federal Police - alleged corruption

Hospital waiting lists

Nurses - registration

Office development - Turner

Carnell Ministry

Youth business initiatives

Tuggeranong and Erindale youth centres

Jindalee Nursing Home - staff

Schools development review - parent participation

Jindalee Nursing Home

Unapproved home businesses

Nursing homes - sale prices

Auditor-General - Report No. 3 of 1996

Annual reports - declarations and directions for 1995-96

Public Accounts - standing committee

Subordinate legislation

Budget 1996-97 - timing (Ministerial statement)

Waterways (Matter of public importance)

Weapons (Amendment) Bill 1995

Censorship agreement

Boxing Control (Amendment) Bill 1995


Nigerian letter

Canberra Festival

Nigerian letter

Thursday, 28 March 1996

Paper (Statement by member)


Chief Minister and Minister for Health and Community Care (Motion of censure)

Questions without notice:

Health budget

Taxi industry

ACTION - Gungahlin services

Visiting medical officers

Carnell Ministry

Housing Trust - loans

Australian Federal Police - alleged corruption

Housing Trust properties - asbestos removal

Stirling and Copland colleges

Mental health funding

Cardio-thoracic unit

Bank charges

Auditor-General - Report No. 4 of 1996

ACTEW Corporation Ltd

Sexist remark

French products - implementation of Assembly resolution

Remand Centres (Amendment) Bill 1996

Administration and Probate (Amendment) Bill 1996

Family Provision (Amendment) Bill 1996

Ombudsman (Amendment) Bill 1996

Order of business

Leasehold administration

Planning and Environment - standing committee

Assembly business - precedence

Administration and Procedure - standing committee

National Museum at Yarramundi Reach


Public Accounts Committee report - Government response

Public Accounts Committee report - Government response

Canberra Raiders

Government responses to committee reports

Canberra Raiders

Mr Laurie Daley

Government responses to committee reports

Answers to questions:

Disability services - Dell report (Question No. 139)

Family Services - management changes (Question No. 152)

Family Services - management changes (Question No. 153)

Family Services - management changes (Question No. 154)

Waste Management Initiatives Trust Account (Question No. 167)

Waste disposal - revised arrangements (Question No. 168)

Landfill sites - cameras (Question No. 169)

Motor vehicles - defect notices (Question No. 170)

Phillip Vehicle Testing Station site (Question No. 171)

Fairbairn Park - lease (Question No. 172)

Fairbairn Park - management arrangements (Question No. 174)

Fairbairn Park - users (Question No. 175)

Legislative Assembly - misleading by Ministers (Question No. 177)

Healthpact - allocations and campaigns (Question No. 192)

Appendix 1: Voluntary parent contribution scheme