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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1996 Week 2 Hansard (27 February) . . Page.. 304 ..

Mr Berry: I beg to differ, Mr Speaker. I think it is the Government's responsibility.

MR SPEAKER: You may disagree, but House of Representatives Practice clearly states that no particular party - government or opposition - has the responsibility.

Mr Berry: It is the Government's agenda, Mr Speaker, so they have to look after it.

(Quorum formed)

MR BERRY: We have to regard that illegal stunt that was attempted by Mr Moore as what it was. It was the action of somebody who was not prepared - - -

Mr Moore: I raise a point of order, Mr Speaker. Mr Berry is suggesting that we have attempted something illegal. Certainly, he may have had a legal opinion, but to suggest that what happened is illegal is entirely inappropriate. The imputation should be withdrawn.

MR SPEAKER: I would suggest that the imputation be withdrawn.

MR BERRY: I withdraw that, Mr Speaker. It was clearly a stunt and it was never going to have any effect. It was, quite obviously, contrary to the law. Mr Speaker, an attempt was made to justify Mr Moore's position as a strong supporter of the Liberal Government. To come into this place and criticise their education policy, I think, shows the extent of the hypocrisy Mr Michael Moore intends to continue with in this place. I would not doubt Mr Moore's concern about education. I know that he has been involved in education for most of his working life. He has made a strong contribution to the education system, but you do not demonstrate that commitment by putting a Liberal government in. If you do, you cannot then complain about morale in the education system when a right wing Liberal government such as we have over here uses all of the right wing tactics in the worst industrial dispute that we have seen in this country.

You cannot have a situation where workers are threatened with a lockout. You cannot have a situation where workers, including teachers, are described as greedy. You cannot have a situation where workers, including teachers, who disagree with the Government are described as being involved in thuggery. Mr Moore, it is your Government. They are the ones causing the difficulties out there in the workplace. You have to wear some of the responsibility.

Mr Hird also mentioned evening colleges. I am surprised that he would raise them. Fancy raising that issue. If I were the Liberals, I would never speak about it again after their performance on the issue. The people in the community who are less well off are the ones who depend most on those evening colleges. The courses have provided a means for women to find their way back into the work force and for people who are less well off to improve their skills. This form of education has been available to them at a reasonable cost.

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