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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1995 Week 9 Hansard (23 November) . . Page.. 2483 ..

MS McRAE (12.03 am): Mr Speaker, this public transport area is an area of great worry, particularly because of the way that our young people are being harassed now to prove that they are young. It is absolutely the most ridiculous thing that I have ever heard. Of greater worry is the lack of understanding of something very simple on Mr Moore's part. Mr Moore, when we first came here, one of the first things I heard from the Greens - in great shock, I might add - was that 10 is more than seven, and 10 is always more than six, and 11 is more than six, and there was major outrage at that rule. May I point out a very simple fact. If you vote against any line, and if in fact this Government does resign, 11 is still more than six. You are then free to re-elect the Chief Minister, the same people over again. That is the correct and open process. What I find absolutely amazing in this whole process is that, when 10 is more than seven for other motions, that does not matter if it is then defined, and yet - - -

Mr De Domenico: I take a point of order, Mr Speaker. I have heard that 10 is more than seven, and 11 is more than six. What the hell has it to do with public transport?

MR SPEAKER: I thought you would never ask. I uphold the point of order. We are discussing public transport. The last two speakers have rambled all over the world in an interesting dissertation at midnight that has no relevance to Division 90.

MS McRAE: No. I am sorry, Mr Speaker, I will explain; I am asking Mr Moore to vote against this line. In arguing that, I am pointing out the consequences of voting against this line. That is a quite appropriate process of argument against this line of the budget. What I find absolutely amazing is that there is some level of faith that, if 10 is more than seven on an amendment to a budget line, that will somehow be enacted; but, if 10 is more than seven on a motion of the Assembly, that does not matter. In my book, that is absolutely shameful, particularly from the crossbenchers. The crossbenchers such as Mr Moore have spent their whole lives saying to us, when we were a minority government, "You are a minority government", and if 10 is more than seven - - -

Mr Moore: No; you are a minority opposition.

MS McRAE: I am explaining what you did for the last three years, Mr Moore. If the number in the chamber was greater than the number that held government, then their word held sway. Now there is a new rule. Suddenly, the fact that 10 is more than seven does not matter any more. But it does matter if 10 is more than seven for an amendment to the budget. Why? Why is there faith in one outcome where 10 more is than seven, and not in another? I simply do not see the logic. I urge you to vote against this and test this Government. It should be listening to 10 is more than seven. No-one else will be putting up their hand for Chief Minister. The Chief Minister is there and in place.

Mr Moore: Come on; there will be three of your colleagues - Terry, Rosemary and Andrew.

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