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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1995 Week 9 Hansard (23 November) . . Page.. 2457 ..

MR BERRY (continuing):

be interested in them and is prepared to foster this sort of arrangement where such losses could be incurred by those business people. I would say to Mr De Domenico and Mr Hird, "Stay out of cabs. It is not a safe place for you to go". I would say, Mr Hird, that you really have to defend yourself on that issue, and Mr Stefaniak ought to give it a try as well. In relation to the Kippax library, if it is true, as you claim, that you put it there, and I doubt that, you have to be able to demonstrate to this Assembly and to the people of Belconnen whom you claim to represent that you are prepared to defend it. You have not demonstrated it yet. In fact, all you have done is treat them with silence.

MR MOORE (10.27): I have a very short question on Urban Services, Mr Speaker. Considering the amount of rain we have had, I would like Mr De Domenico to be able to assure us that he is going to be able to keep the grass cut as well as his predecessor, Mr Duby, did.

MR DE DOMENICO (Minister for Urban Services) (10.27): In answer to Mr Moore's question, I will compare the rainfall in the time that Mr Duby was Minister and then see whether we can make you a promise, Mr Moore. It is interesting to stand up here and defend against such shallow contributions from members opposite. Mr Whitecross stood up and attempted to bag everything that was done under the sun as being the end of the world in five minutes. Mr Berry stood up and said nothing, in his usual way. He attempted to kick some heads, he had a personal go at Mr Hird, Mr Humphries and me, and anybody else who moved, but said nothing anyway.

Mr Berry talked about Kippax library. Who can ever forget Mr Berry saying, when the press release went out, that we were going to sell Kippax library, to bulldoze it down, and whatever. He was wrong. We are not going to do anything of the sort, of course.

Mrs Carnell: He is wrong about most of the things he says.

MR DE DOMENICO: He is wrong about most things. He is wrong, in particular, about this. I wonder how his constituents in Ginninderra can stomach, time and time again, their representative standing up and saying things that are not true. Finally, he will be caught out, I am sure. I am sure he will be caught out.

Mr Whitecross made some comments about being concerned about libraries. He was suggesting that we are cutting back expenditure on libraries by $1.5m.

Mr Whitecross: By $1.1m.

MR DE DOMENICO: By $1.1m. I am sorry. Of course, that is not true.

Ms Follett: Tell that to the Library Service.

MR DE DOMENICO: It will go from $6.310m to $6.181m.

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