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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1995 Week 9 Hansard (23 November) . . Page.. 2384 ..

MRS CARNELL (continuing):

Ms McRae, if you want to have a go at me, I am really happy for you to do that, but at least have the guts to get to your feet and ask me a question directly. In recent days I have been called a hypocrite by Mr Berry for my position on euthanasia, even when every other member accepted the position of others even if we did not agree with them. Mr Connolly suggested that I was responsible personally for the death of Mr Warren I'Anson, and he said it on radio. Today, I am accused by Ms McRae of being a dishonest trader. Fine, I am happy to cop that sort of thing. But I will not have the professionalism of my pharmacy staff and the integrity of those people questioned in this place. They are not in a position to stand up and defend themselves. I think it is totally unacceptable, and I think that what it does show, or what it should show, is that it is about time Ms Follett showed the barest hint of leadership and made it clear to the Assembly that she and her other MLAs are not just operating from the gutter. As for your question, Ms McRae, I have only one other thing to say: Lift your game.

Ms Follett: On a point of order, Mr Speaker: In that hysterical diatribe Mrs Carnell accused Mr Connolly of having accused her of bringing about the death of Mr Warren I'Anson. That is a shameful and degrading imputation and I require that it be withdrawn.

Mr Humphries: Mr Speaker, I wonder whether Ms McRae might care to withdraw the imputations contained in her question earlier this afternoon.

Mr Berry: Mr Speaker, a point of order has been raised and I would ask you to rule on it.

MR SPEAKER: The Speaker can do one of two things. I can examine the Hansard or I can ask Mrs Carnell whether she will withdraw.

Mrs Carnell: Mr Speaker, the situation in question was a radio broadcast, and I am sure you could get a transcript of the situation I am speaking about.

Ms Follett: Mr Speaker, that is not the point. The point of order I am raising is that Mrs Carnell has made an accusation against one of my colleagues, an accusation that is as untrue as it is disgusting, and it must be withdrawn. I am not prepared to leave it on the books for the evening.

MR SPEAKER: I am in no position to substantiate the statement. Mr Connolly, would you like to speak? That may be an easy way out.

MR CONNOLLY: Mr Speaker, I seek to make a personal explanation under standing order 46.


MR CONNOLLY: Mr Speaker, I find grossly offensive the remark by Mrs Carnell that I had accused Mrs Carnell of "being personally responsible for the death of Mr Warren I'Anson". That sort of gutter comment may have been the instinctive Opposition response from her mind-set, but it is not the way we conduct our politics on this side of the chamber. I have never said that Mrs Carnell is personally responsible for

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