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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1995 Week 8 Hansard (25 October) . . Page.. 1991 ..

MR BERRY (continuing):

declare where it is coming to on this issue. If it is a government that wants not to run schools that are non-viable, say it. Say you want to close them by stealth, just say it; but do not mislead the community and push them into a phoney corner in relation to this particular school.

If you want to stick to your promise that you will not close schools unless the community wants it, you have to support the community when they say that they want to keep it open. That means that you must support this motion to supplement that school in order to keep it viable. If, as you say, you are in support of quality education for children at that school, you have no option but to provide that supplementation because the community have said, "We want to keep the school open". Stand by your word. If you say that you want quality education for these kids - you have promised the people of the ACT that you will not close schools unless the community wants it - you have to provide the supplementation.

I want to come to another point. Mrs Carnell yelled across the floor in a rather arrogant way a little while ago. She said, "It will not happen. This supplementation will not happen". Is that an expectation that she has the numbers in relation to this motion, or is it just defiance? Is she saying, "We will not do it no matter what the Assembly says."? Mrs Carnell, this is about a minority government being exposed for its frailties.

Mrs Carnell: That is right. You amend the budget. Then it will happen. It will not happen because I amend the budget. You do it.

MR BERRY: This is because this Government will not provide the proper resources to keep schools viable. In fact, the people of Charnwood have been abandoned by the Liberals on this score. They will not cop the lies any more.

Members interjected.

MR SPEAKER: Order! The house will come to order. Interjections are out of order, and provocation of interjections is also out of order. Mr Berry has the floor.

MR BERRY: Mr Speaker, disagreement with the Government is enough provocation to get an interjection; so bear with me, because I will continue to disagree with them. Mr Speaker, the community will not cop the lies any longer. Last night they were very angry with this Government and we have responded to their anger and brought forward a motion calling on this Government to provide the supplementation to keep this school going.

Mrs Carnell: Amend the budget.

Ms McRae: What nonsense, Mrs Carnell! Learn about parliament for a change.


Ms McRae: What nonsense! What absolute nonsense!

MR SPEAKER: Order! You have already spoken, Ms McRae. Mr Berry has the floor.

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