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Public Housing

MS TUCKER: My question is for Mr Stefaniak, as Minister for Housing. We note with interest this document “Tenant responsibilities for property maintenance or damage” that was circulated to public housing tenants a couple of months ago. We are also aware that this has been the cause of considerable anxiety to some tenants who are absolutely responsible. As a landlord, does the Government intend to ensure that it is fair where responsibilities are met?

MR STEFANIAK: In answer to the member’s question, yes, of course. The Housing Trust prides itself on being a very responsible landlord. Just as the Housing Trust expects its clients to do the right thing by it, it certainly will do the right thing by its clients. As you know, Ms Tucker, we have about 12,500 trust properties. There is always demand for attention to fair wear and tear. The Housing Trust responds as best it can. This Government is very keen to see that the Housing Trust does live up to its responsibilities, and it does everything it possibly can in relation to that.

MS TUCKER: I have a supplementary question, Mr Speaker. If the Government fails to meet its fair wear commitments - and we are aware that this is happening at the moment with problems such as dangerous wiring, leaking roofs, peeling lead paints and faulty cookers - will the Government financially compensate tenants for this negligence?

MR STEFANIAK: I think you will probably have to establish that it was negligence first, Ms Tucker; but the Housing Trust does attempt, through its budget and through its officers, to attend to any maintenance requests it gets. Because we have a large number of tenants and a large number of properties, sometimes there may be a delay in that occurring. It has a rolling program of maintenance. If you have any specific difficulties or any specific constituents who might have troubles, my office would be delighted to see whether we can assist. We do get a number of complaints about a number of matters, including maintenance.

ACTION Services

MS HORODNY: My question is to the Minister for Urban Services, Mr De Domenico. Will the Minister give an unequivocal promise that no services will be cut from ACTION?

MR DE DOMENICO: When? In the next three years, or - - -

Ms Horodny: In this budget.

MR DE DOMENICO: The answer to that question is no, of course not. May I say about ACTION buses, though, that there will be $6.7m worth of savings next year - at least. Today I signed an enterprise agreement with the Transport Workers Union and they are sure that they can deliver $6.7m worth of savings. If there are routes that nobody wants to use, routes where there are buses with one driver and no passengers

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