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NOES, 7 . . Page.. 1555 ..

Question put:

That the motion (Mr Berry’s) be agreed to.

The Assembly voted -

AYES, 10


Mr Berry

Mrs Carnell

Mr Connolly

Mr Cornwell

Ms Follett

Mr De Domenico

Ms Horodny

Mr Hird

Ms McRae

Mr Humphries

Mr Moore

Mr Kaine

Mr Osborne

Mr Stefaniak

Ms Tucker

Mr Whitecross

Mr Wood

Question so resolved in the affirmative.

Sitting suspended from 12.30 to 2.30 pm


Superannuation - Budget Provision

MS FOLLETT: Mr Speaker, I direct a question without notice to the Treasurer. Mrs Carnell, this morning on ABC radio you said, “We've got to start putting real money aside for superannuation”. Do you recall saying that? I refer you to Budget Paper No. 4, Volume 1, where, at page 70, it is very clear that in fact the subvention from the Consolidated Fund to the Superannuation Provision Trust Account has been slashed by $19m, or 65 per cent, which I think demonstrates even further your contempt for public servants, or you would not jeopardise their retirement future in this way. Mr Speaker, my question is this: Why was the decision to slash the Superannuation Provision Trust Account by that $19m, each year for the next three years, not advised to this Assembly, not advised to the public servants affected and not advised to the community? It is, surely, a very major decision. Why did you try to keep it secret?

MRS CARNELL: I think the fact that it is in the budget papers, at page 70, properly indicates, surprising as it may seem, that it is not secret. This Government takes the view that if you are in deficit it is bloody stupid to borrow money to invest money, because you inevitably lose on the transaction. You did it, Ms Follett. You did it, but that showed something about the general approach that you took. Remember that you left the cupboard dry. There was nothing there, nothing left in the cupboard, no reserves that we

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