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the limited size would probably exclude one of the big chains from being part of that shopping centre. Those two things that Ms Horodny suggested are just not true. Ms Horodny also made the funny statement that there is far too much consultation and that sometimes it gets in the way. That seems a strange thing to say when people continually criticise governments for not consulting enough. I do not know what the Greens want. It is either too much or not enough. They are like Mr Connolly, who last year suggested a bit of this and a bit of that. That needs to be looked at as well.

I welcome Ms Horodny's agreement that local area planning advisory committees are a good thing. However, she said that she welcomes them despite their shortcomings. Once again that appears to be a “bob each way” attitude. We might have to become used to listening to that from people from time to time. Her comments on the Land and Planning Appeals Board are interesting as well. I, for one, as a member of the former Planning Committee, was incensed at the way that, notwithstanding what this Assembly might decide from time to time, another body could overrule that decision. That has to be a concern to all members of this Assembly. I know that the Minister is looking at ways of making sure that, notwithstanding that the Land and Planning Appeals Board mechanism has to be independent of government, ultimately this Assembly and this Assembly alone makes the final decision.

It was interesting that Mr Wood wanted to talk again on this issue. It would seem that perhaps Mr Wood should have remained seated and not had another go, because Mr Wood's speech, to me, gave an inkling that he felt sorry that he was not allowed to do what he wanted to do when he was Planning Minister - and he was Planning Minister for a long time. Mr Wood, I am afraid that, notwithstanding what you said, you could have done a lot of things but did not do them. Do not blame the rest of the members of this Assembly for your lack of activity. I do not know what went on in your caucus meetings or your party meetings that did not allow you to do what you wanted to do. You must have got rolled a lot. But do not come in here and say, “Everything I did had the approval of the Assembly”. We are not concerned with what you did, Mr Wood. We are concerned with what you did not do. Mr Wood said that the Minister refers to a strategic plan but does little about it. Mr Wood, in the six months that we have been in government, Mr Humphries has done more to get planning right than you did in three years when you were in charge of it. You say that there have been no great changes. There are going to be great changes. Instead of sitting on our hands as you did, Mr Wood, we will do something.

Mr Berry: Cut it out, Tony. Tony, poke out your tongue. Let us have a look at your tongue.

MR DE DOMENICO: I notice the interjection from the Deputy Leader of the Opposition. He has been swanning round all the media making predictions about the budget, but he did not have enough time to get his own amendment ready this morning. Mr Berry, instead of interjecting, you should have done your homework and done your job a little bit better than you did this morning.

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