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MS McRAE: I ask a supplementary question. That, of course, concerns us as well, Minister. It is your involvement in this that we are concerned about, and your public capacity to explain that. My supplementary question is this: Will you now table the guidelines, the normal guidelines, for all of us to see, and at some point or another give us an explanation as to why you chose to deviate from those guidelines? Advice is advice, but you chose. I wish the guidelines to be tabled.

MR SPEAKER: Order! There is an imputation in the second part of that question. It has not been established. Answer the first part.

MR STEFANIAK: Mr Speaker, firstly, in terms of tabling the guidelines, I would have to take that on notice. I do not have them with me. Ms McRae, in relation to the - - -

Mr Berry: I will give you the phone number, Bill - 2057181.

MR STEFANIAK: Will you? It is all right, Wayne. I will be happy to table the guidelines when I take that on notice. Ms McRae, I think you know full well what is involved in this case. I would reiterate that other people in this chamber have had the opportunity of a confidential briefing. You people have not - - -

Ms McRae: It is not a secret society.

MR STEFANIAK: It is that simple, Ms McRae, because that would explain to you everything that has occurred. By refusing that briefing it is quite clear that you are just trying to take cheap political shots. What you are saying really has nothing to do with education.

Watson Hostel

MS TUCKER: Mr Speaker, my question is for Mrs Carnell as Minister for Health and Community Care. Can the Minister inform the Assembly of what her plans are in relation to Watson Hostel? Does she plan to reduce the number of beds or to close the hostel?

MRS CARNELL: There is currently a discussion paper, as I am sure Ms Tucker is aware, out for community consultation. We are currently in the position of getting back a number of responses from all sorts of people on recommendations that the number of hostels beds in the ACT be reduced. That came out of this report. That is what the consultation report says. We are now consulting with people - - -

Ms Follett: It is a nonsense, absolute nonsense.

MRS CARNELL: It was done under your Government, Ms Follett.

Ms Follett: I know.

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