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Student Assessment

MR WOOD: Mr Speaker, my question is to Mr Stefaniak on the issue of student assessments. These questions will continue until we get an answer. There has been no answer to any question at this stage. Will Mr Stefaniak confirm, firstly, that part of the special process of assessment for this one student included videotaping of an assessment procedure, and, secondly, that the teachers refused to comply?

MR STEFANIAK: Again, I refer you to what I said yesterday, Mr Wood. I think the answer to that is readily apparent from yesterday's answers.

Mr Wood: What an avoidance technique!

MR STEFANIAK: Mr Wood, I think the answer was given yesterday, and you know it.

MR WOOD: I have a supplementary question, Mr Speaker, with frustration, I must say, because the question was not answered. It was a question that Mr Stefaniak would know the answer to. Can we have an answer to the simple question? You are getting advice from your colleagues there; answer it. Mr De Domenico is telling you. Answer it. Will you answer it?

MR SPEAKER: Mr Stefaniak, would you like to try to answer that?

MR STEFANIAK: As Mr Wood well knows, if he has had a look at yesterday’s answers, I think the answer to both of those questions is yes.

Housing Trust - Home Ownership

MR HIRD: Mr Speaker, I have a question, through you, to Mr Stefaniak in his capacity as Minister for Housing. Can the Minister outline to the parliament the new incentive he has undertaken to encourage house ownership among ACT Housing tenants?

MR STEFANIAK: Thank you for the question, Mr Hird. I would be delighted to outline to the Assembly the actioning of the Canberra Liberal election promise to make home ownership more accessible to housing clients. From Monday this week ACT Housing clients with a minimum of five years’ continuous residence who are currently in a separately titled property will be able to purchase that accommodation at the current market price. Further, any structural improvements made to the property by the tenant will be valued and deducted from the sale price. Prior to the implementation of this policy, tenants had to wait some eight years before becoming eligible to purchase an ACT Housing property. All income received from home sales in this situation will be reinvested in new housing stock for ACT Housing. This sensible scheme should therefore have the dual advantage of increasing the levels of home ownership in the ACT and, hopefully, also of reducing the size of ACT Housing's waiting list.

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