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MR STEFANIAK: I do not believe that I have actually intervened. I am the Minister. I get advice from the department and certain things flow from that. The department has been handling this, I have received advice and I have acted accordingly. I do not really know what your problem is, Ms McRae. I have indicated that because this matter is still an ongoing matter and involves privacy considerations I will provide a confidential briefing. That still applies. It is a matter for you whether you take that up.


MR SPEAKER: I would like to welcome to the gallery Mr Joe Schipp, MLA, and Mr Gerry Peacocke, MLA, and their wives, from the New South Wales Parliament. Welcome, gentlemen and ladies.


Student Assessment

MR CONNOLLY: My question is also for the Minister for Education. Minister, it also refers to your intervention in relation to one assessment. I would prefer an answer that says more than, “I was given certain advice and certain things happened”. Can you explain what directions you gave to the school, and why a solicitor was asked to sit in at the Board of Senior Secondary Studies?

MR STEFANIAK: I do not even know whether a solicitor has sat in on this Board of Senior Secondary Studies. I think you had better check your facts on that one, Mr Connolly. Could you clarify your question about a solicitor sitting in on the Board of Senior Secondary Studies?

MR CONNOLLY: My supplementary question is: Will you explain what directions were given in relation to a solicitor being involved in this matter, who selected the solicitor and who paid for the solicitor, or who would have? Will you tell us what happened, Minister? You are continually evading the questions?

MR STEFANIAK: I am not even aware whether the Board of Senior Secondary Studies has met with or without a solicitor in this particular matter. I think the Board of Senior Secondary Studies is keen to consider whether a solicitor should sit in on any sort of appeal or assist in matters in the future, I would assume, in an honorary capacity, and that is something that is being looked at, but - - -

Mr Berry: Did you suggest a certain solicitor?

MR STEFANIAK: That really has nothing to do with this. I do not see any need to answer that.

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