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Mr Moore: I raise a point of order. Mr Speaker, you drew the Chief Minister's attention to standing order 118(a), which states that answers shall be concise, and asked her to wind up; but still we have a “ministerial statement” continuing. We are very delighted that the helicopter service is here, but if she wants to give those sorts of details she should make a ministerial statement.

MR SPEAKER: Order! I have asked the Chief Minister to wind up. Perhaps under the circumstances I should be asking her to wind down for a helicopter, but never mind.

Mrs Carnell: I have finished.

Mr Whitecross: Just on that point of order, Mr Speaker, I draw your attention to standing order 117(c)(ii), which requires that questions not ask for announcements of Executive policy. It is quite clear that that is what this question did and that the Minister's reply is exactly that - an announcement of Executive policy. While we welcome the announcement and it is an excellent result for the people of Canberra, I just - - -

MR SPEAKER: I do not uphold the point of order, in so far as it was not an announcement of Executive policy. It was certainly an announcement of an agreement which had been reached.

Mr Whitecross: Could I just clarify your ruling on the point of order, Mr Speaker? Are you saying that, if you issue a press release at lunchtime, then you can announce Executive policy in answer to a question because it was already announced in a press release?

MR SPEAKER: No. I said that I did not uphold your point of order because I did not believe that the answer was announcing Executive policy. It was a statement on an agreement between two governments which had been certainly - - -

Ms McRae: It is Executive policy.

MR SPEAKER: I do not regard that as Executive policy.

Health Promotion Fund

MR MOORE: Mr Speaker, my question is directed to Mrs Carnell as Minister for Health. Mrs Carnell, during the last Assembly you consistently brought to the public's attention and the attention of this Assembly your concern about the reduction of funds in the Health Promotion Fund, particularly in relation to the level of funding derived from the tobacco franchise. Can you assure the house that you will restore the level of funding of the Health Promotion Fund to its former level?

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