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MR WHITECROSS: I ask a supplementary question, Mr Speaker. Minister, will you guarantee that the Government will continue to provide services to ensure that government services for young homeless people are properly coordinated and that young homeless people are assisted to access government services, as Streetlink currently does, in line with the recommendations of the Burdekin report on homelessness?

MR STEFANIAK: The Government is very keen to see young people access services, both government and others, that will assist them. There are a number of government agencies, not only in the children’s and youth services area but also in housing and various other agencies, which assist young people. The review of Streetlink is only one way we are looking at of ensuring that the service gets out to the kids who need it most on the street, and of improving that service. That involves a combination of the Government providing services as well as the non-government agencies in the area, who provide services over a wide range of things.

Mrs Carnell: I ask that all further questions be put on the notice paper.


Statement by Speaker

MR SPEAKER: On Thursday, 22 June 1995, Ms McRae raised a point of order seeking clarification on the need for members to seek leave of absence from the Assembly if they were attending a conference related to Assembly business. I undertook to examine the matter and advise members on the outcome. Paragraph 14(1)(b) of the Australian Capital Territory (Self-Government) Act 1988 states:

14. (1) A member vacates office if the member:

 ... ... ...

(b) is absent without permission of the Assembly from:

(i) such number of consecutive meetings as is specified by enactment for the purposes of this subparagraph; or,

(ii) if no such enactment is in force - 4 consecutive meetings of the Assembly.

As can be seen, the self-government Act makes no provision for absences for any stated reason, provision merely being made for the necessity for permission of the Assembly to be given to avoid disqualification where a member is absent for four consecutive meetings. Having considered the matter, and noting the practice of the House of Representatives, I will be proposing to the Manager of Government Business that, prior to the commencement of the summer and winter recesses, he move a motion to grant leave of absence to all members for the respective periods.

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