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In terms of coming up with what is the best possible school PE and sport scheme to introduce in the ACT, a team went to Victoria to see how they were going, because the Victorian education system at present has a very good reputation in relation to the curricula areas of sport and PE. It was important to see how that scheme worked and whether that would be of assistance to the ACT. They have come back; they have looked at that; there is further planning involved, Mr Berry. There will be further consultation with all the relevant key stakeholders.

MR BERRY: I would like to ask a supplementary question. As the Minister has been declued, is it now possible that the Minister might change his directive that every school student be involved in competitive sport one afternoon per week?

MR STEFANIAK: It has never been the intention that all students will be involved in competitive sport, Mr Berry, because some students do not necessarily want that. However, it is very important that all students to Year 10 engage in physical education and some sporting activity or some recreational activity. A lot of kids will not want to be involved in - - -

Mr Berry: I would stick with move-on powers if I were you, Bill. It is about all you know anything about.

MR STEFANIAK: It is probably one thing more than you know about, Wayne; that is for sure.

MR SPEAKER: Order! If this continues there will be some move-on powers applied in this place.

MR STEFANIAK: Mr Berry, it has never been the Government's intention to have everyone playing competitive sport. That is a furphy. But we want to see our kids active and we want to ensure that students have the opportunity and are able to engage in useful physical education and sporting activity. It does not have to be competitive.

Hospital Waiting Lists

MR MOORE: Mr Speaker, my question without notice is to Mrs Carnell, Chief Minister and Minister for Health. Mrs Carnell, one of the cornerstones of your election platform and your attacks on the then Government was waiting lists in ACT hospitals. I note in Table 6 of your May 1995 information bulletin on patient activity data that in almost every area there have been increases in numbers since December 1994, with the exception of vascular surgery and ophthalmology. However, in the vast majority of cases there has been a significant increase in waiting lists. At what point are you going to accept that saying, “It is not good enough”, is not good enough for the rest of us? We want to know what you are doing about it and how you intend lowering those waiting list numbers.

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