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reviewed with my colleague the Attorney-General. Finally, an education program for schools is being prepared. This is aimed at developing pride and responsibility in our children. We believe that it is important to promote the cost of graffiti vandalism in terms of lost amenities due to removal cost.

The Government has not been sitting on its hands. It is ironic that, when Mr Moore, the chairman of the committee, was away, Mr Berry, in a frenzied attempt to suggest that graffiti was invented only after 18 February, suddenly called a committee inquiry. Mr Berry, you do not need a committee. What you have to do is clean the graffiti off. You did not clean it off in four years. We have been in government for five months, and you just watch.

Mr Berry: Mr Speaker, can I ask a supplementary question?

MR SPEAKER: No; you have not asked a question yet, so you cannot ask a supplementary question.

Student Assessment

MR WOOD: I direct my question to Mr Stefaniak, the Minister for Education, on the subject of student assessments. I should preface what I say by commenting that when I was Minister for Education I absolutely refused to get involved on the very rare occasions when an issue came to me from a parent. Mr Speaker, I ask Mr Stefaniak to spell out quite clearly, first of all, the normal process that is observed in these cases and, secondly, what he, Mr Stefaniak, required over and above that normal process.

MR STEFANIAK: Mr Wood, as I said to Mr Connolly, I think, in relation to this particular matter, which is not yet finished, I will arrange for a full briefing for you from the chief executive officer.

Mr Wood: No; I want an answer now, thank you.

MR STEFANIAK: I am not going to give you one now, Mr Wood, because the matter is not finished. I think it is proper, because you are probably all going off half-cocked, that you get a full briefing and a confidential briefing, because the matter is not finished. Even today I was told some additional information which unfortunately will just continue this matter. It is important that you get a full briefing because the matter is not finished.

MR WOOD: Mr Speaker, all I get here is a stall. I want to ask a supplementary question. I hope I do not get a further stall. There is nothing confidential if Mr Stefaniak is to say what the process is supposed to be, and I do not need a briefing on that because I know it. Secondly, there is nothing to prevent Mr Stefaniak from saying what he required above that process. I do not want to know the outcome at this stage, thank you. I want to know the additional input that he required into that process, and I do not want a stall about it.

MR STEFANIAK: Mr Wood, I think it is appropriate that you do get a full briefing on this, which I will arrange for you. As I said, the matter has not been finished.

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