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MR HUMPHRIES: Mr Speaker, it does appear that her memory does not wish to be refreshed. We have had a problem with Health Ministers like that recently: People not remembering what they were told and needing to get their memories refreshed. It applies at the Federal level and the local level as well. It is very sad, is it not? There seems to be a problem. Well, I can refresh Ms Follett's memory. She can get this document very easily, and only she can get it because it was briefed to her. They were her documents. She can go out there and get it, but I will tell her a little bit of what was in the documents. I quote:

The final agreement with the Commonwealth confirmed - - -

Mr Berry: I take a point of order, Mr Speaker. Mr Humphries makes an issue out of whether or not Ms Follett can get the document. Is he saying that he is able to get access to documents that would normally not be available to him? Have they corrupted the system so much that they have been able to get access to documents they are not supposed to get? Is the answer to that yes, that he has corrupted the system in order that he can get access to those sorts of documents? That is an important issue of the Westminster system in relation to advice which went to former Ministers.

MR SPEAKER: You may have to bring it up. Order!

Mr Berry: If he wishes to tell us that he has corrupted the system and instructed public servants to provide information to - - -

MR SPEAKER: Order! I call the house to order. I remind members that the member’s time has expired. Would you like an extension, Mr Humphries?

Mr Kaine: I move that an extension of time be given to the Minister.

MR SPEAKER: Is leave granted?

Mr Berry: Are you going to put the motion?

MR SPEAKER: No, I am not going to put the motion. I am asking about an extension of time for the member.

Mr Berry: No.

MR HUMPHRIES: He does not want to hear what the document says. You are a coward, Wayne Berry.

MR SPEAKER: Order! I will put it again. I think I heard that leave was granted.

Mrs Carnell: Yes.

MR SPEAKER: I would hope so.

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